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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gui Pin Vegetarian Restaurant - Bukit Gombak

I return back to the West of Singapore, this time to review Gui Pin Vegetarian Restaurant.  This eatery was recommended to me a couple of times, so it was only fitting then I made my way down to check it out! Without further delay, let's further explore this restaurant...

Gui Pin Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: #01-126, Blk 376 Bukit Batok St 31

Contact: 90292443
Opening Hours: Daily 7.00am-9.00pm

The menu at Gui Pin is a little mock meat heavy, but it is difficult to blame vegetarian eateries for picking these dishes.  Although not healthy, it does help to glamorise the menu by having these replica meat items. 
First dish I selected was the Salted Fish Fried Rice.  Overall this dish was quite a disappointment.  The quality of the rice used was very poor, I could tell this by how horribly broken it was.  Moreover, the rice was overcooked.  To make matters worse, the fried rice didn't have any aroma at all, so the taste was really quite bland - I didn't detect any salted fish taste.  Not a dish that I would order again.

Price: $4.00.     4/10 

The second dish I ordered from Gui Pin was Fried Dong Fen.  This is quite an uncommon dish, that is seldom found available in vegetarian hawkers/restaurants, so I was definitely curious to try.  Unfortunately, this was another dish that ranked as a monumental disappointment.  It was a dish with literally no flavour at all, almost tantamount to eating plain white rice.  I was happy that they offered lime on the side, but even when drenched in lime juice, the dish still had almost no flavour at all.  One of the most forgettable dish I have eaten since running this site.

Price: $5.00.     3/10
Last dish of the evening was the Mamee Chicken.  This dish did bring me out of the depression that the previous two dishes caused, somewhat. The portion size was healthy and the mock meat was chewy and succulent.  The mock was nicely coated with the predominately sweet sauce, and even though the price was a little steep, the portion size made up for it.

Price: $8.00.     6/10

Conclusion - Nothing much to add about this eatery.  Overall it was a disappointing experience, and not a place that I would consider returning to again.  Their menu is quite vast, so perhaps there are some hidden gems there, but the dishes I ordered definitely didn't impress me.  The only positive is that the staff are open and friendly.

Overall Rating
Food - 4/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 5/10


  1. Hi Luke, u shld go to Jing Yi vegetarian just across the street. Currently there is no one better than them in Gombak, if not, the west. Try fried rice/wet bee hoon/wet hor fun. I usually waited more than an hour during the weekends and it is worth the wait. I think they close on Mondays and only serve dinner.

    1. Hey anonymous,

      Thanks so much for that comment! I have tried and reviewed Jing Yi already, you can check it out under the 'Bukit Gombak' section of my blog. :)



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