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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vegetarian Uncle Rojak - Hougang

Although Hougang may be lacking in high end vegetarian restaurants, what it does have to offer is countless hidden gems lurking in the myriad of coffee shops. It is these humble coffee shop stalls that have built up their reputation for many decades, until like this stall, they receive nation wide notoriety. This famous rojak cooking uncle was brought to my attention by one of my readers named Louisa. Over the years, this uncle has received considerable attention, such as newspaper articles and television programmes featuring his stall. Even Adrian Pang (the Malaysian-born actor who seemingly appears in every Singaporean show ever created) popped by this stall to give his empty-headed view on the rojak quality.

Vegetarian Uncle Rojak
Location: Blk 805 Hougang Central, Foodpark Coffee Shop
Contact: 90299885
Opening Hours: Daily 9am - 10pm

CLOSED DOWN - As of 15/12/2014

Needless to say, it would be a injustice to this review if I didn't discuss and divulge in the dish that this stall is most synonymous for. The Rojak from this eatery comes in three size choices - Small, medium and large. I opted for the small size, and was startled by how big the portion was. Rojak (meaning 'mixture' in Malay) has many different variations and ingredients depending on the country and culture. For this dish, the prominent ingredients were pineapple, turnip and cucumber - All lathered in the famous thick and sweet rojak sauce. The sauce was thicker than usual, and lacking a little acidity from lime, in my opinion.

Price: $3.00 (S) $4.00 (M) $5.00 (L). 7/10

Other than his rojak, the uncle who runs this stall has also gained notoriety for his high quality Popiah. In particular, the popiah skin. He even sells the skin individually for $12 per kg - More information about those services can be found on his website. The popiah skin is certainly worth the hype, and was without question the best thing I ate from his stall that evening. The skin texture was chewy, yet light and having a thinness that didn't make it too heavy to consume. I could have eaten the skin alone! Inside was shredded vegetables and more of the rojak sauce. For reference, the image on the left is two pieces of popiah (total of $3.00).

Price: $1.50. 9/10

Moving on to the next dish, here we have the Tahu Goreng. Yet again, this dish was drowned in the sweet rojak sauce (the friendly uncle that owns this stall must have this sauce pumping through his veins by now). For those who are curious, rojak sauce mainly consists of palm sugar, tamarind, peanuts and chili. The sauce at this stall may or may not be to your liking. I foresee the contentious point being if the sauce is too thick or not. For me, this sauce consistency is fine, but others may wish for it to be more watered down. The notable trait of this dish is the fried tofu. The uncle fries the tofu fresh for each order. As a result the tofu tastes deliciously fresh.

Price: $2.00. 7/10

Moving onto the final dish, which was the Tau Kau Pau. I must admit, by this stage, I was sick of the sight of the sweet rojak sauce. This sandwich like dish had a great abundance of beansprouts in the center, which added a good crunch. Additionally, the lettuce leaves offered a slight rest-bite from overwhelming sauce. The theme of fresh uncooked ingredients, coupled with the sweet/tartness of the rojak sauce is basically the fundamentals of every dish offered at this stall. It is a formula that works successfully in this tau kau pau dish also.

Price: $1.50. 6/10

Conclusion - The menu at Uncle Rojak is not very large. In fact, I ordered every dish that the stall sells. They do also have a rojak mee rebus, which was not available on that particular evening. The standout highlight was certainly the popiah skin, probably the best I have tried so far in Singapore. In retrospect, eating four dishes covered in the sweet rojak sauce was probably not a good idea, and I will be staying away from that sauce for a long time now. All the dishes were delicious though, and would provide a fitting side dish to your main meal.

Overall Rating
Food - 8/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service - 8/10
Value - 7/10


  1. oh ya, i ate his rojak when he is at fortune centre. i like rojak and his generosity with the sauce but find it too thick too.
    rojak mee rebus? is it mee rebus gravy with rojak sauce mix together or just put the rojak in same plate with the mee rebus?

    he sell his rojak sauce?

    good to see your local non indian review again. thank you.

  2. Hey anonymous,

    He was previously in the fortune centre? Wow, I didn't know that.

    To answer your question, the rojak mee rebus comes with the rojak sauce, there is no mee rebus gravy. So more or less, the rojak sauce replaces the gravy. But present are the rest of the mee rebus traits, such as mee, egg and fresh lime.

    There will be more Chinese vegetarian reviews to come in the future. However, Hungry Ang Mo covers all vegetarian food in Singapore. So of course, Indian food is an integral part of the vegetarian diversity here in Singapore. :)

    Appreciate your comment, and hopefully I answered your query!


  3. ya thanks for answering. i went to eat and quite disappointed because the taste is a bit "weird". don't have the usual vegetarian rojak taste, don't know how to describe. is not fragant and just taste weird.

    ya i ate before at fortune centre. do you find the taste weird or different? I still prefer the silver stream rojak and popiah but so sad that is no longer there. don't know it shift to where and where to find deliciious veg rojak?

  4. Hey anonymous,

    I am with you 100%, the silver stream popiah was absolutely delicious! I prefer the popiah skin from Uncle Rojak though. However, I think the rojak sauce inside the popiah is a little out of place. I am aware they closed some time ago, and I don't think they reopened anywhere sadly.

    Honestly, I am not a huge fan of rojak anyway, so therefore I don't really eat it often. The sauce to me is ok, but I would have like it to be a little more tart!

    Thanks for dropping by again!


  5. Hi Luke,

    It looks like this stall has closed or moved.
    The stall is empty with For Rent Sign.
    It was still operating there a few weeks ago.

    1. Hey anonymous,

      Thank you for letting me know!



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