Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ruyi Yuan Vegetarian - Redhill

I recently stumbled upon a few nice little vegetarian stalls at the Redhill area.  The stall that rises above the rest as the biggest fan favourite is definitely Ruyi.  This stall specialises in white bee hoon, but also sells other dishes on different days.  The staff are friendly and hard-working.  This is one of those stalls that has a daunting queue on 初一十五, so best to avoid then.  The opening times for this stall definitely suits early birds, as it opens even before sunrise.  So, let's see how good their famous white bee hoon really is...

Ruyi Yuan Vegetarian
Location: Stall 4, Blk 80 Redhill Lane

Contact: None
Opening Hour: Daily 5.30am-12.00pm.  Off on alternate Mondays.

So here we have the famous Ruyi White Been Hoon and Dishes.  One thing I think everyone will love about this dish is the sheer variety of ingredients placed on the plate.  There is mock char siew, mock duck, different varieties of tofu, cabbage and fried beancurd sheets.  All of the ingredients merge perfectly together, and have top notch taste.  The bee hoon is firm and flavourful.  The enjoyment of this dish will be maximized by having pickled green chilli on the side.  One of the better bee hoon and dishes that I've had in Singapore.

Price: $2.50.     8/10

Conclusion - If you're someone on a quest to find awesome vegetarian bee hoon in Singapore, then Ruyi Yuan is definitely a stall you will want to consider paying a visit to.  Aside from bee hoon, this stall sells a handful of other dishes that customers can try.

Overall Rating
Food - 7/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 8/10


  1. There is also an outlet in Toa Payoh but I would avoid it as the price there is steep. The beehoon/dishes on your pics would cost around $3.50 there....

    1. Hey anonymous,

      Thanks for that! I will go down and check out their other outlet soon! :)


  2. Hi Luke,

    Thanks. Will be looking to your reviews on that outlet (believe due to the location/rental)
    And if you are in the vicinity, you can drop by next Blk 73 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh. There is a vegetarian stall at the right end coffee shop that sell nice foods like Hokkien mee, hor fun. Do ask for no egg if you are visiting :)


    1. Hey Zax,

      Thanks for that recommendation in Toa Payoh. I will add it to my list of places to review, and will check it out soon! :)



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