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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lin Lin Vegetarian Delights - Bedok

Just over two years ago, I wrote a post on Hungry Ang Mo about Lin Lin, where I declared they sold possibly the best vegetarian dish in Singapore.  That dish is fried hor fun.  Recently I found myself back in Bedok again, and felt a magnetic pull from my stomach to this stall.  It would be a crime for anyone to go to Bedok and not eat at this stall.   Just to be sure not to visit on Monday, as they are closed all day.  So without further day, let us visit the king/queen of wok hei.

Lin Lin Vegetarian Delights
Blk 412, Bedok North Ave 2, 01-114, Bedok
Contact: 62427010
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10.00am-10.00pm. Closed Monday.
After ordering Fried Hor Fun, I watched the kitchen in amazement, as I saw it fill with a thick smoke.  The wok hei (smoke flavour) is so strong that the chef has to wear a mask!  I have had a lot of people comment proclaiming Jing Yi has stronger wok hei.  I am sorry, I still feel that Lin Lin is miles ahead.  You must make sure it is the wife or husband owner that cooks it however.  I did once have it cooked by another member of staff, and the wok hei was not as strong.  If you like wok hei, then you must go and order the hor fun from this stall.  Since my first visit, the price has undergone an increase - I do still feel it is worth it though, because the quality of the dish is so high.

Price: $4.00.      10/10 

Conclusion - Surprisingly Lin Lin does have quite a vast menu of other dishes.  For myself though, I am very single-minded when visiting, my focus is totally on fried hor fun.  To achieve this level of smoke flavour, yet not burning the ingredients too severely is a masterful skill.  You simply must visit and order this dish.

Overall Rating
Food - 9/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service - 8/10
Value - 7/10


  1. Hey Luke. i tried this stall recently. The wok hei was overwhelming... A bit too much for my personal preference. its like chao ta kway tiao. surprisingly and disappointingly the wet bee hoon got 0 wokhei. Fried rice also little wok hei. i'll def go back for the horfun when i'm not so "heaty". :-)

    Thks for the post.

    1. Hey Steve,

      Too much wok hei? Too much!?!?

      Haha, yeah I do agree with you that the other dishes are a bit disappointing. If I were Lin Lin, I would sell just fried hor fun and abandon the other dishes they sell completely.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Oh Yay! I love hor fun and this is so near where i frequently go~
    shall go grab this and try one of these days!
    Thanks~ ;)

    1. Hey Ashley,

      Yes, go! If you love strong wok hei, then you won't regret it!


  3. Perfect wok hei can only be attained by cooking over charcoal. The gas flame is unfortunately too hot and overly concentrated at the bottom of the wok.


  4. tried the wet and dry hor fun for the 1st time last evening. my first bite of the dry version was headily smoky. a little alas, the subsequent chews were less striking. hopefully i'll savour a consistently fragrant one the next time. the wet hor fun seemed slightly healthier(less greasy).

    also sampled the fried rice with ham. my gripe was that it was greasy and slightly soggy. the wok hei aroma could also have been stronger. still, my buddy delightfully deemed the rice flavourful.

    the stall operators seemed friendly and patient about our requests. We were also attended to quickly despite the seemingly encouraging demand for the dishes.

    anyway, luke, i was keen to try the hor fun because of your lavish love for it. I hope u'll revisit the stall n review your favourite hor fun soon :p

    1. Hey anonymous,

      I have been visiting this stall recently, but haven't been blogging about it, haha. Unfortunately the Cantonese auntie who makes the hor fun so expertly has semi-retired from the kitchen, and is now just training her workers. Even when I requested for her specifically to make it for me, she refused! Haha.

      So unfortunately due to this, the quality of the hor fun has gone down. But it is still an excellent dish!


  5. wow, i c. i saw @ least 2 aunties and an elder man. i hope i'll sample the supreme and aromatic hor fun that you regularly raved about if u discern a change in hor fun quality, kindly inform me. then, perhaps i'll retry the dish. thanx. :p

  6. Hi Luke,

    I went down today to try their hokkien mee and fried hor fun, specifically for their hokkien mee as I had chanced upon a pic of it in another blog which is the black sauce version of hokkien mee.


    It is more commonly sold in zi char stalls and I have not seen a vegetarian version of it in Singapore so far. Most of the hokkien mees I have seen are the white sauce version which is actually hokkien prawn mee. If you come across a black sauce version of the hokkien mee, please blog about it!

    Anyway, the hokkien mee I tried at Lin Lin today was served in a bowl and the noodles used were not the flat yellow noodles shown in the pic but the type used for mee goreng. I wonder if the chef had messed up or they ran out of the flat yellow noodles, the sauce was too watery for my liking too.

    In any case, the hokkien mee was below average whereas the fried hor fun was superb although both were made by the apprentice chef. I wonder how the hokkien mee will taste like if it was done by the original chefs.

    1. Hey anonymous,

      Ok sure, I will try and seek out more black sauce hokkien mee (vegetarian version) in Singapore and blog about it. I agree, it is a dish that is not easy to find in Singapore.

      Definitely for Lin Lin if the original auntie owner cooks, the dishes taste much much better. But she has retired from the kitchen now, regardless of how much I try to convince her to cook for me!



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