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Monday, November 14, 2011

Zen Fut Sai Kai Vegetarian Restaurant - Farrer Park

I have to offer a gracious thank you to Amanda, one my readers, for bringing this place to my attention. Farrer Park has been explored extensively on my website, however, perhaps I have neglected the myriad of Chinese establishments, which can also be found in that area. An example of one of these is Zen Fut Sai Kai. Immediately upon entering this restaurant, the customer can get a olden time feel, which is like stepping back in time. Enough chit chatting, lets find out how good this traditional Chinese restaurant is...

Zen Fut Sai Kai Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: 147 Kitchener Road
Contact: 62912350
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 10.00am - 9.30pm.  Monday closed (unless day is 1st & 15th)

Before we discuss the menu, one positive I would like to mention is Zen Fut Sai Kai (unlike most traditional Chinese eateries) doesn't have the irritating extra charges, such as hand towel, pickles etc. This is a relief, as it really lessens the weight load of the end bill. The menu itself may be quite foreign to non-Chinese eaters, with many bizarre sounding names that have no explanation. However, if you're like me, it becomes a lot of fun ordering unfamiliar dishes and anticipating what will arrive. Price wise the menu is reasonable, and as I will explain later, the portion sizes are very big.

First dish of the day was the Yong Chow Fried Rice. For $6, I found that the sizing of this dish was more than reasonable. Not only do you get the plate of rice, but there is also two cups of sweet and sour sauce, which accompany it. Quality wise, the mushrooms and fresh coriander add good flavour depth. This is coupled by well textured rice, which has been flavoured wisely. In particular, the vegetables have the splendid black charring on them, which is something that I personally adore.

Price: $6.00. 8/10

Every dish from Zen Fut Sai Kai that I ordered was outstanding, but the Kum Loo Wanton was by far my most favourite. Having tried several varieties of fried wan ton, this version is by certainly my most favourite. Portion size wise, again it was quite large, and therefore was great value, in my eyes. The skin of the wan ton was flavourful and light. I am not someone who likes a lot of fried food, but these were incredibly addictive. Not only was the outer skin divine, but the wanton filling, consisting mainly of minced mushrooms, had sensational flavour. Light, delicious and fun to eat - Incredible!

Price: $6.00. 9/10

For the final dish, I wanted to try something that was really foreign to me - I went for the Sap Kum Sugar Cane Flower Soup. I am someone who as drunk sugar cane juice countless times, but this is the first time I have seen it in the form of a soup. Before I talk about the sugar cane, lets discuss the other ingredients. The main focal ingredient of this soup is certainly mushrooms. There is a total of three varieties of mushroom/fungus used. The soup stock has a mild taste, with an undertone of ginger. The sugar cane element consists of the unusual looking (and tasting) sugar cane flower. I am unsure what exactly was done to it, but it was soft, and had the flavour of corn. Very fascinating dish.

Price: $6.00. 8/10

Conclusion - Visiting Zen Fut Sai Kai really makes me realise just how much fantastic vegetarian food is located in the Farrer Park area. This meal would rank as one of my most enjoyable, since starting my food reviewing website many years ago. Portion size wise I was impressed, and the quality was exceptional also. It was a shame I couldn't get to try more of the dishes, but if they're as delicious as the three I did try, then this would probably rank as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

Overall Rating
Food - 9/10
Ambiance- 9/10
Service - 8/10
Value - 9/10


  1. Hi Luke, the sugar cane flower as its name implies is a flower from the sugar cane, not the hard sugar cane stem itself. I have tried them before, not in this restaurant but another one along Jalan Besar, which were fried with asparagus and other veggies. I ordered this dish because the waitress recommended it, saying that the sugar cane flowers are not easily available and it was an unique dish. True enough, I was equally fascinated by the flowers as you.

  2. Hey Laura,

    Thanks for informing me about that! I assumed by its shape that it was the actual sugar cane, and not the flower. I must admit, I found the flower pretty delicious, fried with asparagus sounds pretty good also.

    Thanks for telling me, I have edited this post to amend the mistake!


  3. The newly open 'Changi City Point' opp the Expo MRT Station has a Vegetarian Stall at L2[Level 2] run by KOUFU chain.

    Over to you to review at your convenicence. Rgds.

  4. Hey justicenequality,

    Thanks for bringing this place to my attention. I used to work in the Changi Business Park, just a stones throw away from this place. I wish it was open when I was working there. However, thankfully, there are a lot of vegetarian options in that area, especially for Indian food!

    Will put it on my list of places to review in the future!


  5. Hi, Guys

    The chinese art pieces and calligraphy works that adorns the restaurant walls fascintes me.
    The antique mirror (very huge) and classic counter are from days-gone-by. A secret to share - their mooncakes are handmade and are always sold out during the mooncake festival. I like their corn soup and mixed veg noodle. Good value, great taste - make me hunger for more.

  6. Hey anonymous,

    I will be sure to try their mooncakes during the festival next year!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!


  7. Hi Luke

    Just wanna update you on their Days of Operation.

    They are open for business from Tuesday to Sunday. They are open for business on Monday should it falls on the 1st & 15th of the Lunar months.

    They would usually take a short week break after the Mooncake Fest & Chinese New Year so it's best to give them a call beforehand.


  8. Greetings

    Zen Fut Sai Kai will be closed on 16th - 30th December. The family going to visit their hometown in HongKong.

    PS. I'm gonna miss their Kum Loo Wanton.

    1. Hey TTFN,

      Yes I will miss their kum loo wanton too! But I guess they will be back very soon. Thanks for letting me know about their visit!



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