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New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant - Farrer Park

Believe me, it was quite a challenge making the journey to Farrer Park and resisting from eating all the glorious Indian food, which that area has in abundance. But I managed it, I seldom venture down the back alleys behind City Square Mall, and was surprised to see quite a new vegetarian Chinese places lurking there. This is one of them. I must extended a big thank you to Yi Xian who originally recommended this to me in a comment. Readers, please take the time to comment and recommend vegetarian places you like, I greatly appreciate it. Ok, on with the review....

New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant
282 Jalan Besar
Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 10am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 9:30pm

Here is a quick look at the interior design of the restaurant. As you can see by the picture, this place was completely empty. We were the only customers there that night, and I foresee this is a reoccurring issue for this establishment. Mainly due to the slightly inaccessible location. It was quite nice to have the whole restaurant to ourselves I must say.

And one more pit-stop before we get to the food, which is the menu. In the case of New Fut Kai, I discovered a lot of niggling irritating aspects to this menu. Firstly, the images of the food in the pictures are without any reference. Thus, you don't know which dishes are actually in the pictures. Secondly, there is no page numbers at the bottom, so you can't find something that your dining partner has found, for example. A redesigned menu would greatly benefit the experience for the customers.

Something that may get your bottom lip quivering is the high prices of the dishes at Fut Kai, and it seems the management have sensed this. Hence, there are many $3.50 dishes (not shown on the menu) that are available. One of those is the classic Nasi Lemak. I found the fish a little mushy inside, and quite average. All the other components were quite nice, I especially found the mock ikan bilis (deep fried seaweed) quite charming. One high point of this entire eatery is their delightful and fragrant red chili (pictured in the centre of this image). In the case of the nasi lemak, the chili had an almost pungent shrimp flavour, and for me was the most tasty component in the whole dish.

Price: $3.50. 6/10

Another one of the more affordable dishes is this Wan Ton Mee. Again, I must highlight the high level of quality of the chili. In this case, the red chili had an overwhelming lemongrass flavour, that when eaten with this dish really was a winner. The wan ton was quite good also, but perhaps a little over fried. One thing New Fut Kai really have nailed perfectly is their mock meats. And in the case of this dish, the mock meat was beautifully smokey and glistening with a delicious sauce. The noodles were also not too bad, and on a whole I liked this dish a lot. Once again, you will not find this dish on the menu.

Price: $3.50. 7/10

Onto the slightly more pricey dishes, starting with the Gong Bao Monkey Head Mushroom. This dish comprises of the chewy mushroom derived mock meat, which is alongside green capsicum, cashew nuts and most vitally dried red chilies. The chilies give good flavour, but shouldn't be eaten (unless you can take extreme heat). The star of the dish is the super sweet and smokey sauce, which I just couldn't get enough of. The mock meat in harmony with the sauce made for a delightful combination. A dish that I would certainly get again.

Price: $10.00. 8/10

Again another dish that can't be found on the menu, but the waitress recommended it, so we thought we'd give it a go. This is the Braised Vegetarian Meat with Bun. Although the price tag for this dish is high, I must say they were very generous with the serving. We received six bao's (bun's) and six slabs of mock meat. Of course this style of dish should be well-known (and well-loved) with most Chinese Singaporeans, and I must say this was a good version of this classic dish. The only slight qualm I had was the braised mock meat need more sauce to accompany it, and I would have loved that sauce to be a tad more flavourful. Little wrong with this generously served feast though.

Price: $12.00. 8/10

Conclusion - Overall I was quite pleased and impressed with the food that I sampled from this restaurant. The only things that would detract me from visiting this place again is its awkward location, and the high pricing. Not only are the dishes expensive, you must also be blackmailed into paying all other small charges, such as the entree pickles. For the food itself though, I don't have many complaints and I could recommend that you pay it a visit.

Overall Rating
Food - 7/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 6/10
Value - 5/10


  1. Hey, recently I went to a Vegetarian dinner catered by them & quite a few dish that impressed me, especially their Herbal Duck? their herbal gravy is just like the non-mock Herbal chicken version that I missed so much.
    I had wanted to find the place.
    It sure had many good authetic dishes that latter turned vegetarians would miss.
    K, I shall remember to order their Gong Bao Monkey Head Mushroom should I visit them next round. A good one is hard to find....

  2. What's the best route to reach it?
    Farrer park mrt?

  3. Hey Sunny,

    Pity I didn't order the herbal duck! You make it sound very nice!

    The best route is definitely Farrer Park MRT, from then you can go through the City Square Mall and at the rear exit of the building it is about a 8-10 minute walk. As we were walking down we actually noticed 2-3 other vegetarian Chinese restaurant, I will review those eventually too! :)

    Hope you like it there when you visit!


  4. I tried their chicken rice and it was excellent with reasonable price! I tried the "chicken breast" but you can also ask for "drumstick" lol..But you have to call ahead to ask whether they are making it that day. Also like their mock prawn - even my parents who are carnivores were impressed. Certainly an establishment worth supporting and hope to visit it again soon.

  5. Hey anonymous and Jun,

    I am in agreement with both of you, this is really a terrific place. I will also be making an effort to visit this place regularly. Although, I must say it is difficult with all the options that are available in the Little India area!

    Thanks for your feedback!


  6. Hi there,

    The service was somewhat clumsy, but the food is fabulous! The mock duck is terrific. Just find the traffic light on Jalan Besar and it is easy to find, close to Cultural hotel, i believe.
    It's pretty much off Little India! Really suprising food!


    1. Hey Jim,

      Yes Often people just associate Little India with exclusively Indian eateries. But there are a handful of very high quality Chinese restaurants also in that area. Zen Fut Sai Kai being my personal favourite.


  7. Thanks so much such useful info for vegans like me.. however, it would be great help to identify some vegetarian venues which don't use MSG for food.. i develop allergy. They many vegetarians wanting to opt out of this toxic food enchancer.

  8. New Fut Kai has very tasty options, however MSG is added in most of their receipes. That makes it not too healthy.. Anyone knows gd vegetarian food outlets which don't add MSG to food ?

    1. Hey Veron,

      That may be a good idea, perhaps I will create a list of all the places in Singapore that don't use MSG in any of their cooking. :)


  9. Wow, thats great help! Simply luv the singaporean and tasty chinese cuisine esp, minus the MSG.. Am eagerly looking out for your postings to check out the island!
    How abt soya ice creams and soya cheese in singapore ? Can't find them tho..

    1. Hey Veron,

      There is a new brand of soy ice cream called Soyato, which I find to be pretty good. Aside from that, I do believe there are one or two other brands that are sometimes lurking in Cold Storage and NTUC.

      For vegan cheese, yes it can be found in Singapore at many health food stores - Such as Super Nature, at The Forum (Orchard). But these mock cheeses come at a high price.


    2. Thanks very much ! Willl check these places out :)

  10. Hello HAM,
    My partner and I visited this restaurant today. After almost 4 years from your review, now this place was packed! In stead of the complicated menu, now they have selected everyday dishes and daily specials only.
    We loved their char siew rice (very smoky and glazed) and braised meat with preserved veg rice (a very good Hakka/Taiwanese stew with gentle star annis and cinnamon flavor) at around 4 SGD.
    Very delicate taste with generous portion. Plus no pickles :)
    BTW, just across the Jln Besar was 7 sensation..!

    1. Hey mikapie,

      Thanks for your detailed feedback on this place. Stay tuned, as I will be reviewing the new 7 Sensations location very soon on my site! :)



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