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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Green Room Cafe - Ang Mo Kio

It's quite rare you discover a restaurant in Singapore with a truly idyllic setting. Well, The Green Room cafe certainly provides that ambiance. It is located in Bishan Park, which can be a pain to get to. MRT wise it's nestle in the middle of Ang Mo Kio and Bishan, therefore an additional bus is required - It's too far to walk. Your best guide is to head for the Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex. It's opposite the road from there. Once you located it, make sure you don't (like we did) go into the wrong restaurant. There is Canopy Restaurant located next to it, and there is no sign to say it's not Green Room. Aramsa Spa is also located near by, if you've just won the pools.

The Green Room Cafe
Bishan Park II, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Contact: 65561533

Opening Hours: Everyday 11am-10pm 

CLOSED DOWN - As of 11/10/2014

Just wanted to show you a snap of the interior of the restaurant. The place was very quiet when we arrived. The trees inside provide lovely decor, with the wafting smell of lemongrass (used mainly as it's an excellent natural mosquito repellent) covering the whole restaurant. So, how was the food...

The first three pictures are part of a set meal, which is available during certain periods of the day (but they are willing to do it anytime, really). This Juice Of The Day is a conglomeration of chiefly pineapple, with mint and sugar added. Not bad overall, but it had a very 'home made' feel to it, definitely nothing that almost anyone could do. The addition of mint was enough to raise my eyebrows, but the taste is nothing more than ordinary. They have ample choices of juices, all ranging around $8-9 dollars.


Again we continue with this set main. Here is the Soup Of The Day. The blended soup which is made up of potatoes and carrots was not bad. I would have preferred more bread though.


The final section of the set meal is the main. Here you can choose between four options. We selected the Penne Pomodoro. The sauce seemed like it came from a bottle. Overly sweetened without a tinge of tartness to it. The pasta was al dente but it wasn't enough to save the dish.


Price: $18.00 (juice of the day, soup of the day & one main meal).

The Mushroom Baked Brown Rice came in a huge serving plate. However it was spread so thinly, you might think that its actually a pizza. That being said, due to the copious of cheese and the richness of the sauce, I would say that the portion was satisfactory. The dish faintly resembles the risotto dish we had. Does it taste good? Yes. But whichever dish drenched in cheese doesn't?

Price: $15.00. 5/10

By far the most disappointing dish of the evening was this Risotto. As soon as it arrived i was mortified by the portion size. It's really minuscule. The taste is heavily overpower by truffle, which is a taste that i've yet to acquire. Overall i found it quite plain, and i've tasted much better versions of risotto. For the price, i would strongly recommend avoiding this dish.

Price: $15.00. 3/10

Here we have the Portobello Burger. It was generous portion, with many different elements. Firstly, the salad which accompanies this dish (and others) is a typical balsamic dressed salad, but they also include olive oil in it. The portobello was very juicy, and was nicely spiced. It was laid on toasted herb bread.

Price: $13.00. 8/10

The dish i was looking forward to try the most was definitely the Curry Lamb Pie. Although i was not disappointed per se, i found it very different to how the title might suggest. Before i go into more detail, what needs to be mentioned is this restaurant not bringing knives to the table. Dishes like this need to be cut with a knife, and to not bring one is careless. Although the pie is a little spicy, i didn't find anything which would indicate it's a curry.

Price: $14.00. 7/10

Here is a better look at the insides of the pie. I found the mushroom stem mock meat inside to be very similar to the ones which are commonly found in typical Chinese dumplings. I wouldn't say it would match a 'lamb curry' in any way. This picture looks awfully gruesome...Who said vegetarians only ate veggies, huh?

Conclusion - The main attraction for Green Room Cafe is the setting. If one was the critique this establishment based entirely on the food - Although not disastrous - I would find it overpriced and lackluster. But, with the setting and ambiance being so majestic, and that being such a rare commodity in Singapore, i would be inclined to give this place some merit. If you want to go for a high level dining experience then i wouldn't recommend Green Room. However, if you want a peaceful and unique setting where you can experience reasonable quality food, then this might be what you're looking for.

Overall Rating
Food - 6/10
Ambiance- 10/10
Service - 5/10
Value - 4/10


  1. The portobello burger looked a tad sad in comparison to the one by The Hand Burger - not a veg place but their portobello burger is vegetarian.


  2. I was impressed by the place but the food is just meh for the price we paid.

  3. Hi aredcardigan,

    I am inclined to agree with you that the food is quite ordinary from Green Room. However, the lovely setting and ambiance of the restaurant is nice, so it somewhat offsets the so-so cuisine.

    Thanks for the comment


  4. Let me update you with the place Luke, I was there few months ago and they have completely changed the menu. The food in the menu are mostly RAW which I think is an acquired taste. Pricing is very expensive for the portion too. However I wouldn't mind to come for a drink since the place is very nice during the day. Too bad I live too far away.

  5. Hey Suhendra,

    Yeah I am aware that this place has switched to a mostly raw food eatery. Which in my opinion, is a great decision! This style of cuisine is going to become a lot more popular over the next 5 years or so - Therefore it is great to see Green Room lead the way for it. Only downside, like you mention, is the price.



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