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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Best Mexican Nacho Dip!

Just wanted to quickly share one of my personal favoruite recipes with you all. Mexican food is something that I sincerely miss, and of course, it's a cuisine which can so easily be converted into vegetarian, as very few of their dishes revolve around meat. From burrito's to enchiladas, all can be made vegetarian relatively easily. Vegan, on the other hand, is very difficult. As Mexican's love cheese, and almost every Mexican dish I know involves cheese. My recipe is no different, so vegan's, apologies for excluding you here.

This meal can be split up into two stages; First, making the salsa for the nacho's, and second, making the nacho dip. Here is a list of the ingredients you will need.

Ingredients (serves two people)
1 Small Onion
1 Can of Diced Tomatoes
1 Red Capsicum
Cayenne Pepper (or similar)
Half a block (125g) of Cream Cheese
Half a block (125g) of Cheddar (or other) Cheese
Paprika (optional)
Large pack of Nachos (Doritos)
1 Can of Refried Beans

1. Dice and fry onions until soft.
2. Add diced tomatoes (add water if too thick)
3. Add paprika, cayenne pepper, two jalapenos, and 3 tsp of jalapeno juice.
4. Finely dice and add capsicum
5. Place Dortio's onto baking tray, then add the refried beans on top of them. Make a 'cup' shape with the beans, and pour HALF the mixture into it. Keep the other half of the mixture in the pan.
6. Sprinkle more cheese on top of the salsa and beans. Then put into the oven for 20 minutes on 170 degrees.
Nacho Dip
7. Put the 125g block of cheddar into the remaining salsa mixture. Allow to melt. Stir regularly to avoid cheese from burning.
8. Put the 125g block of cream cheese into the mixture. Same again, allow to melt and stir regularly.
9. Remove nachos from oven.
10. Pour nacho dip into bowl.
11. Le Fin.

So here we have the Nacho's. Hopefully these pictures will help to articulate what I'm trying to say in the instructions.

This meal is certainly not cheap to make, what with how ridiculously expensive ingredients are in Singapore, but I'm sure after you all try it, you will deem it worth the price! Bare in mind I am a big eater. For Singaporean's, this recipe may well happily feed three people.

One of my most beloved meals in the world. This Nacho Dip is truly the best, and I urge everyone to give it a try! It's very cheesy, and should be served thick, but not too thick. The consistency that is shown in this picture is how it should typically be.

Hope you all enjoy it!


  1. Hello Luke! I just went to Yes Natural (Aljunied) yesterday and loved their pocket salad and bought half a loaf of their sandwich bread from the bakery which tasted so soft and yum! I have an awesome vegetarian place to recommend to you. They serve fusion and organic grubs! http://www.7-sensations.com/ I recommend their tom yam bee hoon, korean rice set .. but really, everything is so healthy there! It is at madras rd/st at Little India.

  2. Thanks for the comment Michelle!

    Yeah, I've heard of those places that you've recommended, but sadly I've not had the chance to check them out though. But I'll make sure to see them soon!

    Thanks once again, and nice blog yourself!


  3. Hey Luke! Thank you! Yeah do check out 7 Sensations! I'm pretty sure you will like it! ;)

  4. Wow, nice dip, so tempting!

    Yes Natural is easier to access. 2nd stretch of shophouse from Aljunied MRT.
    Try their Baked Cheese Noodles which is cheese over spaghettis served like baked rice, my favourite there, hope they don't increase their price from my last visit again.:-)
    For 7 Sensations, try their western soup and let us know your point of view.:-)
    Bring along your Vegetarian Society Singapore (VSS card) if you are a member, if not, join it & get your discount or voucher.


  5. Thanks Sunny!

    Wow these baked cheese noodles have got me drooling already! Thanks for the recommendation. I will be sure to try them! With the circle line operating now, I will be going to the Aljunied/Geylang area much more frequently in the future!




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