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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Indian Summer (Buffet) - Farrer Park

We return to one of the best vegetarian Indian restaurants in Singapore to sample their buffet. Actually, i went here last night with no intention of reviewing. However, i discovered they do buffet's (presumably on Fridays and weekends) so thankfully i brought my camera and notepad just in case! Sagar Ratna have an a la carte menu, which you can learn more about from my first post on Sagar Ratna. But this buffet is so cheap, it would be silly to order from the menu! Amazingly this place doesn't seem to do fantastic business, but it's got a lot of competition on Syed Alwi Rd. Ok, so here we go...

Indian Summer
Location: 103 Syed Alwi Road

Contact: 63417797
Opening Hours: Buffet begins at 7:30pm.

Total Buffet Price = $12.00 per person
(updated 04/05/2011)

Note (07/09/2013) - CLOSED DOWN
Giving me an unlimited selection and amount of naan's is a dangerous thing! In this picture we have the Garlic Naan. But we also ordered the butter and plain naan's. The naan's from Ratna are exceptional. They're charred in such a wonderful way, which gives the naan's a divine aroma and a taste to die for! Slight complain is that the naan's are not as even as other places we've sampled. They tend to be really thin in some areas, then very thick in others. I would prefer a more even thickness. Nevertheless the naan's are simply the best that I have tried so far in Singapore.

Price: N/A. 9/10

I've never had a daal as thick and creamy as this before, and boy do i love it! This is the Daal Makinni. Obviously it's very creamy for a reason...To fill you! But nevertheless, this is how i love my curries, it's not a spicy curry, therefore might appeal to a wider range of people.

Price: N/A. 8/10

Closest to the camera we have the Veg Manchurian and at the back of that is the Noodles. I didn't really eat either of these, i never tend to eat these sort of dishes when going to Indian restaurants, but my friend sampled both, and thought that the noodles were good (influenced by Indian spices, so different to typical noodles) and the manchurian was ordinary.

Price: N/A. Noodles 7/10. Manchurian 5/10

Now onto the good stuff! First we have on the left hand side the Mutter Paneer. This curry tastes fantastic, however, this restaurant is very cunning. This curry consists of almost 95% peas, and only 5% paneer. So, the name is a little misleading. They definitely should have included more paneer. On the right, is the Jeera Aloo. I didn't eat too much of this dish as potatoes are very filling, but the taste was lovely!

Price: N/A. Mutter Paneer 7/10. Jeera Aloo 8/10

Closest to the camera we have the Vegetable Rice dish, the rice - as my friend so eloquently put it - tasted like an Indian provisional store, which i don't think is a good thing. The rice did taste...old. I would have preferred just plain basmati rice. In the middle is the best Sambar in Singapore. This sambar (i don't know what they put in it!) is so delicious, i could just drink it by itself. It has a zesty and tangy taste, and undertones of all different spices! Last and certainly least is the Tomato Soup, which is made of 90% corn starch! It's horrible and i advise you stay well away from it.

Price: N/A. Veg rice 6/10. Sambar 10/10. Tomato soup 3/10

This is one of my biggest temptations, the heavily sugar filled Indian desserts, which will lower your life span by approximately 6 months every spoonful. This is the Rice Kheer, which i wouldn't like to imagine how much sugar is inside. This version was a little thicker than others that i've tried. It has a very rich cardamom taste, which makes it very moreish. But don't eat more. One cup only! I'm saving your life.

Price: N/A. 8/10

Conclusion - $12 dollars is fantastic value for this buffet! Although this restaurant is very cunning by adding dishes that are high in filling ingredients such as corn starch. potatoes, cream and peas. And also being way too stingy on the amount of paneer used. That aside, i enjoyed this buffet immensely, and have no qualms at all with the price! Taking into consideration also that there is no GST or service charge attached to that $10! I think this buffet is only available on weekends and fridays, but i'm not 100% sure, there seems to be no advertisements stating when it is available. I certainly recommend coming and trying this, most the dishes are very delicious!

Overall Rating
Food - 8/10
Ambiance- 8/10
Service - 8/10
Value - 10/10


  1. Hey, I was intrigued so I went there today with my friend. The price has been readjusted to $12 a person. The dinner buffet is there every day starting from 730pm. The one that we went to is a lunch buffet (starting from 1pm), however the host says that the lunch buffet isn't not regular. It seems like there is less variety though.

  2. Hi anonymous,

    Well I must say I'm quite sad that the price has now increased! :(

    I have never been to try the lunch buffet before at Sagar Ratna, how was it? What did they have available?

    Thanks for keeping me updated on that price change.



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