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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, i am certainly not going to start to delve into Crystal's territory of fantastic recipes! But, being Christmas, i did feel compelled to show Singapore how a traditional Christmas dinner should look. Of course, with no meat. Having lived most of my life in England, and then a small portion in Australia, this meal is something i have fond memories of, stemming back as far as i can remember!

First is the arduous task of cleaning, cutting etc. Potatoes are a staple part of all Western diets, and especially so over Christmas time. For a traditional Christmas dinner two kinds of potatoes are cooked. Firstly typical mashed potatoes, and secondly roasted potatoes. Western people can take a lot of potatoes...

The only mock meat we used in this meal was Mock Sausages. These are very juicy and delicious, bought from a store in Serangoon (which i intend to review in the future). We included these sausages into the stuffing mixture and nut roast (which are shown below!).

So with lack of meat (traditionally a turkey). We opted to cook a nut roast. The ingredients we used were almonds, walnuts, shredded carrots, half a large red onion (diced or shredded), half a pack of tofu, a sprinkling of dry oats, and sliced mock sausage meat...

This is all the ingredients in the bowl. We also included barbecue sauce. Anyone who wants the exact recipe of this, i would be happy to give it, just let me know in the comments!

These tasty little balls are Turkey Stuffing. Stuffing is typically what is...stuffed into the turkey, before it is cooked in the oven. Obviously with no turkey, we decided to just cook them individually. It consists of sage, onion, breadcrumbs, and in this case also apple. We also added some of the remainder sausages into the mix! They're very delicious and and have distinctive herbal taste.

This is how the Nut Roast looks when it's out of the oven. When making this is the past we also additionally add TVP (textured vegetable protein), which is basically like mock mince meat. I find it's much better with some TVP inside, as it absorbs some of the excess moisture.

Here are the Turkey Stuffing balls fresh out of the oven. The balls can be a little crunchy, but it does have a chewy element to it also.

These are the finished Roast Potatoes. They were seasoned with thyme, black pepper, organic mushroom stock powder and parsley. These were very delicious, however, typically the 'skin' of the potatoes is more crispy.

A picture of the completed meal! The overall verdict by the family was quite positive i thought. It was very foreign to them, and i'm sure the food was a little too 'heavy'.

Here's the finished article! Two things i didn't talk about. Firstly, the brown liquid is, of course, Gravy (absolutely essential in taking away the dryness of the meal). And lastly, on the left hand side behind the mashed potatoes is the Yorkshire Pudding, this is my Mum's favourite! It's a light and fluffy (and largely tasteless) eggy pudding. It's savory.

There are some things that should be included in this, that i didn't. Firstly, all Christmas dinner should have brussel sprouts. But seen as how brussel sprouts are seemingly more expensive than gold in Singapore, i didn't include them.

Like i said, anyone wanting to know exactly how to cook any of the things that are in this post, just contact me and i'll be glad to give you the exact recipe! Hope everyone enjoyed this post. I'm not a recipe blogger (prices of ingredients are way too high in Singapore for me to be one)! This is a one time only post!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Annalakshmi Restaurant - Clarke Quay

Located on the ground level of Chinatown Point, this fancy looking Indian restaurant caters both North and South Indian delights, with the unique 'pay as you want' gimmick. Now, you can either go on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to have the Indian buffet, which i went to many months ago, it's alright, but the food isn't spectacular. Or, if you go any other day, you can order from the menu, which has quite a wide range of choice. Either way, it is always 'pay as you want' or as i like to call it 'pay with your conscience'!

Annalakshmi Restaurant
Location: 133 New Bridge Road, #B1-02 Chinatown Point
Contact: 63399993
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am-3pm then 6pm-9:30pm

Location: 20 Havelock Road, Central Square
Contact: 63399993
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am-3pm then 6pm-9:30pm

This is the Bhaji. Bhaji is a fried Indian snack, which typically contains onions inside. However, these bhaji's had a capsicum, chili, potato, onion and eggplant all inside. I actually really enjoyed these, and it was a nice start to our meal. Bhaji's differ hugely depending on where you go, I know the bhaji's that I tried when back in England are virtually incomparable to these. Overall a satisfying snack!

Price: N/A. 7/10

This is the first time I've reviewed one of my favourite Indian drinks - The lassi! This is the Mango Lassi, and it is not traditionally how a lassi should look or taste. This is a very thick drink, almost like a mango milkshake. The traditional lassi is frothy, it's made of yoghurt and mixed with Indian spices, particularly cumin. The traditional lassi comes in either sweet or salty variants. So like I said, lassi should traditionally have a fluffy and light texture. Even though this is hardly authentic, it does still taste pretty good!

Price: N/A. 6/10

We actually ordered this Masala Dosai mid-way through our meal when we realised that this would not be enough food to fill us. Not a bad dosai, it was not very crispy though, which was a little disappointing. But they were quite generous with the masala filling, unlike the pathetic dollop that some Indian eateries put inside it. Would have preferred it to be more crispy, but overall not bad.

Price: N/A. 6/10

This Paneer Butter Masala was the first of two curries that we ordered, portion wise it is quite small, and this particular curry didn't look too appetizing. The curry was excellently flavoured, but the paneer (what little paneer there actually was) I found a little flat, and lacking a real cheesy taste. Good tasting dish, but you would have to order three or four of them to get a decent sized portion!

Price: N/A. 6/10

To go along with our curries we ordered two Butter Naan's. These naan's were plagued by the same problem, they were flat as a pancake! Although naan is consistently flat bread, it should have a bubbling, fluffy, and light disposition to it, this one doesn't. Charring the naan seems almost a foreign concept to the chef, these naan's have no char marks at all, with really takes away from the flavour. Probably our of the most dismal naan's that I've tried in Singapore.

Price: N/A. 3/10

The second curry which we chose was the Malai Kofta. This is typically a very mild and almost sweet curry (I'm sure Chinese Singaporean's would prefer this). A kofta is a fried doughy ball, typically with potatoes, tofu and spices lumped inside (we love them!). The problem with this dish, apart from size, is the taste of the curry, it tasted more like diluted cream cheese to me, which is just not how it should be. Also, they gave one pathetic looking kofta for this dish.

Price: N/A. 3/10

This is their Annalakshmi Special Rice. Nothing too special, to be frank. The portion size was a little better, compared to the curries. The rice included raisins (which gives it a favourable sweet element) as well as assorted vegetables. The rice was very oily, and just tastes like a typical fried rice really, like I said, nothing special.

Price: N/A. 6/10

Conclusion - Let's just get straight to it, this eatery sells mostly poor quality Indian food. The 'pay as you want' concept can be somewhat controversial. And I'm sure 90% of the time, you pay more than what you're actually getting. 
Decor is really great, and it's location is convenient, but the food leaves a lot to be desired.

Overall Rating
Food - 4/10
Ambiance- 9/10
Service - 7/10
Value - N/A

Monday, December 21, 2009

Simple Foods Vegetarian - Ubi

Hardcore fans of The Hungry Ang Mo will know that this is not my first Simple Foods post. I have reviewed their pasir ris branch also, a few months back. But, i thought it was worth reviewing this one as well, as food quality and price differs, even if it's under the same name. As a matter of fact, i do prefer this place much more to the pasir ris branch (mainly due to the people running it not being idiots). To get here (unless you live close by) you'll want to take bus 29 from tampines bus interchange. From there, it's around a 10-12 minute journey, you want to alight when you see Dunman Primary School. From there it's only a two minute walk.

Simple Foods Vegetarian
Location: Blk 462, Tampines St 44, #01-64
Contact: 67826142
Opening Hours: Daily 9am-10pm. Opens on alternative Mondays (it's worth calling them if you're going on a Monday!)

NOTE - This eatery has now MOVED.  It is now located at Bedok North St 3 #01-511, Blk 537. 

NOTE - This eatery has MOVED once again, now it is at 50 kaki bukit place, #01-02, Singapore 415926 

This is going to be an entirely Western post, and we're kicking off with the Chicken Burger. Good price, however, in regards to the burgers, both the tampines and pasir ris branches suffer from the same problem. Sogginess! While mayonnaise is a somewhat of an essential ingredient, this is what makes the mock chicken and bread so soggy. I'd rather have a none-mushy burger that has no mayo. Sloppy in taste and also in appearance, a disappointing burger by all accounts. But $0.80 cheaper than the pasir ris branch!

Price: $3.00. 5/10

We were highly curious of how the mock meat would taste in this Mexican Salmon Steak. To our alarm, the mock meat tasty quite fishy! This is another incarnation of their most popular dish, the mexican roast steak. I've been to Simple Foods a few times, and they're using considerably less cheese now. The fries are cooked well. The mock meat is made of soy with breadcrumbs, i believe that they make their own mock meat! Overall an above average dish! If you have the craving for western, i would recommend this one!

Price: $7.00. 7/10

Final dish that we ordered was the Pork Chop Set. Again the mock meat is made of soy, and tasted good! These dishes are all much cheaper than the pasir ris branch, and i find that the quality of the chefs is slightly higher. Very authentic mock meat taste, although i'd rather they had a different sauce. On a side note, these places should start giving tomato ketchup instead of chili sauce! Western food is not meant to be eaten with chili sauce!

Price: $7.00. 7/10

Conclusion - If you really want to go and check Simple Foods out, then this is the branch that you want to be going to! The service is much better, without the idiots that run the pasir ris branch. The food is all around cheaper, and the ambiance is better. If you want good Western food, then this is definitely a place you might want to consider, the mock meat is quite special, and tastes great! Stay away from the burger though, which is quite clumsy and not even worth $3 dollars.

Overall Rating
Food - 7/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 6/10
Value - 7/10

Friday, December 18, 2009

Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant - Tanjong Pagar

This restaurant specializes in peranakan (fusion of Chinese and Malay) cuisine, and is located a stones throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT. You want use Exit A, when you come out from the underground you should see a white building on your right hand side, that's Whole Earth! To my surprise this place was feverishly busy! Singaporean's are obviously much richer than i am, cause this menu is pricey! If you're coming as a party of three or four, be prepared to pay in excess of $90 to $100 dollars. For such a high price, surely the food must be out of this world?

Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: 76 Peck Seah Street
Opening Hours: 11am-3pm and 5:30pm-10pm

This is the Compulsory Entree that you get prior to your meal. Starting from left to right, we have papaya slices that have been pickled, in the middle there is sambal belachan chili, and finally on the far right we have deep fried bean curd sheets, with seaweed in the middle. My girlfriends family loved it so much that they bought three containers home! These containers can be bought at the front of the store at the price of 1 container for $4 dollars or 3 containers for $10 dollars. I originally thought this was free, but have recently found it costs $3 dollars, which really irks me, i hate having to pay for something i didn't order...As if this place isn't expensive enough already.

Price: $3.00. 4/10

This restaurants most renowned rice is the Signature Olive Brown Rice. This is a fantastic tasting rice dish. The amount of olives inside is quite considerable, and consequently this packs a lot more flavour into the rice! The rice is nice and chewy. Compared to the white olive rice that we ordered, i found the grains to be of a better quality, and the dish having a more smokey taste, which you know i adore!

Price: $7.00. 7/10

This Olive Rice is a dollar cheaper, and considerable lower in quality. The grains of the rice are more broken, and there was less olives (therefore less flavour) inside. Overall it's quite a plain tasting dish, therefore i would recommend paying the dollar extra and getting their signature brown rice! It's much more superior!

Price: $6.00. 5/10

Probably my favourite dish of the night! This is the Penang Rendang. As you should know by now, i am a adamant adorer of thick curry based dishes. And this is one of them. Well, to be more accurate, this is practically a dry curry. All the dishes from Whole Earth are presented flawlessly, which is no different for this dish. Portion size is huge and spicy! It doesn't taste how a rendang should typically taste, nevertheless it's a fine tasting dish that i'd recommend highly. It (like all the dishes) will make your wallet cry money shaped tears, though.

Price: $15.00. 7/10

Another really superb dish, this is the Kong Bah Braised Mushroom. The portion size is quite large. Eating the meat in the white buns is something i always enjoy! It came with (if my memory serves me correctly) six buns, on the side. The meat and sauce is wonderfully flavoured. Again presentation is super!

Price: $15.00. 7/10

One of their signature dishes, this Broccoli with Braised Monkeyhead Mushroom is one of the most expensive dishes on the menu, costing the amount that i'd usually pay for a whole meal with drinks! The monkeyhead meat is lightly fried, the texture is slightly spongy, the best way to describe it is like a hybrid of the top of the mushroom and the stem. Actually hard to describe! It's very juicy and has a very authentic meat texture! The sauce that it is dripping in has some sort of Chinese herbs in, with red goji berries inside.

Price: $20.00. 7/10

This vegetable dish called Sambal Kangkong is a overwhelmingly priced dish (paying this much purely for veggies is mind boggling to me). What was also overwhelming was the spice of this dish! Very hot! Which i found not too bad, however, this was probably everyone's least favourite dish of night. With it feeling more like a chore to finish it, and it's one expensive chore.

Price: $12.00. 5/10

Conclusion - This place does sell fantastic food, no question of that. But before rounding up the food, let's talk about the other factors. Firstly, the interior design is lovely, wooden seats makes the place look picturesque! The location is nice and convenient. However, the staff look deeply miserable. Unfortunately, there was one poor waitress called Shu Min (only her third day) who was getting victimized by the other waiters for mistakes she made, which soured my evening. Food wise, if every dish was $5-6 dollars cheaper, this would be one of the best restaurants in Singapore. The level of the food is unquestionably very high, but the price take matches (if not exceeds) the food quality. I'm more of a $2 bowl of noodles type of guy, so i couldn't find justification for spending so much for food, which i know i can find $8-10 dollars cheaper elsewhere. This is why none of these dishes have managed to get past 7/10, because the quality simply doesn't surpass the price. Especially infuriating is the $3 dollar compulsory entree that finds its way onto the table, i hate being forced to pay for something i never ordered. If you're swimming in money, come here!

Overall Rating
Food - 8/10
Ambiance- 8/10
Service - 5/10
Value - 4/10

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Li Wei Vegetarian - Serangoon

This place is highly well known among the vegetarian community. The majority of the hype surrounding this eatery is due to the chicken rice, which is deemed the best vegetarian chicken rice in Singapore! Quite a statement! Location wise it's a bit of a pain to get to, if you don't live close by. Not near to any MRT's, you'll have to take a bus to get there, and even then, it's nestled in a very awkward place, which is difficult to find, but it's worth it!

Li Wei Vegetarian
Location: Blk 151 Serangoon North Ave 1 #01-41
Opening Hours: 8am - 8pm. Except Thursday which they're only open until 12pm. (If you want their famous chicken rice, or dishes such as nasi lemak, you must come before mid day).

So, let's get onto this legendary Chicken Rice. Is it really as good as they say? Well, yes. It's a fantastic version, the crust of the char siew is caramelized perfectly. Along with this, it's taste is almost fatty (without having the actual fat), which is exactly how good char siew should be! This char siew is made of soy, instead of the usual gluten. The rice is perfect! Its grains are whole, and has a wonderful texture. I've been told the rice is almost identical to the real thing. The mock chicken, which is what the whole dish revolves around is made of gluten, which makes it a little sickly. It's deep fried, therefore it has quite a tough batter to it, but it's nice and crispy! Chicken rice seems in its essence a deceptively simple dish, however, it can be tough to perfect, and this version from Li Wei, i would have to concur, is definitely the best!

Price: $3.50. 10/10

There is also Steamed Chicken Rice that you can purchase, which i don't find as good as the aforementioned chicken rice, however, it is very authentic, with a very generous serving! The sauce that is poured over the steamed chicken is exactly the type you should typically get from a chicken rice, very nice!

Price: $3.50. 8/10

Here's a better look at the full meal. With the clear soup, rice, char siew, chicken and the chili sauce (nice and tart) and black sauce. It's important to mention that on this stall, there is little mention of the chicken rice, so you might have to ask them. It won't be written anywhere obvious (i guess so famous that it doesn't need to?). If you go to this stall, it's simply a must buy.

Here is the white version of the Fried Carrot Cake. Although this version was quite enjoyable, nothing really leaped out to me as excellent from this dish. I do prefer the black carrot cake, so maybe my bias is influencing this a little. But overall it was quite ordinary.

Price: $2.50. 6/10

Although chicken rice is the signature dish at Li Wei, this dish comes pretty darn close to beating it! This is the Vegetarian Hotplate BBQ Fish, i'm forever grateful to Janice for recommending this extraordinary dish to me! A warning first, this is one of the hottest dishes that i've ever tried, in between the two slabs of fish is an exorbitant amount of chili paste, which will leave you wanting to dunk your head in ice water. Although it's a high price, it's more than warrented, as the serving is large. The fish texture is top class, but the main highlight is the beautiful flavours that spring out from all over this dish. The BBQ sauce, which surrounds the fish is absolutely perfect. The green herb you see on top is coriander, which cancels out at least a little bit of the spice. Although i am tempted to give this 10/10, ah, what the heck, i'm giving it 10/10, but you have been warned, this is as hot as hell!

Price: $7.00. 10/10

This has to be the best Hokkien Mee i've ever tasted. And i'm glad it's vegetarian! The gravy was thick and flavourful...Just as good as the original non-vegetarian version- minus the artery clogging lard and seafood. It is neither too dry or soupy. The noodles are extremely tasty from absorbing the yummy stock. The lime and chili that came with it gave it an extra oomph.

Price: $2.50. 8/10

This dish is not what i would call a Mee Siam. The strong lemongrass essence in it reminded me of Tomyam! But i do love my Tomyam, so it is not such a bad thing afterall! The dish was pretty decent and interesting with the sharp sweet and sour tones. It's accompanied by pieces of fried tofu, beancurd sheets and a random slice of fish. The portion size is huge for it's humble price. I just might consider ordering it again...

Price: $2.50. 7/10

Conclusion - I can say with great clarity that this place definitely lives up to the hype! The food is just superb here. And although chicken rice is certainly the dish you must order when you go here, the dish that truly blew me away was the BBQ fish. What an unbelievably good dish, i urge you to order it! The staff are helpful, the only trouble in paradise is that it's such a tricky place to find. But like i said, well well worth it. Value of the meals is very cheap, especially for such high quality. The chicken rice might appear expensive, but the serving size is noticeably larger than the usual chicken rice. This place must rank as one of the best vegetarian stalls in Singapore! Go check it out!

Overall Rating
Food - 9/10
Ambiance- 8/10
Service - 8/10
Value - 10/10

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ci Xin Healthy Vegetarian Food - Changi Airport

My second post from Changi Airport. Again this is located in the same cafeteria that my previous post is in. I've been to this stall a few times, during the numerous times i've been at Changi Airport. There are a few more eateries in other terminals (as my blogging peers pointed out in my comments). From what i've heard they're nothing spectacular. So will this one be the one (and only) good vegetarian eatery in Changi Airport!? Now is the time to find out!

Cin Xin Healthy Vegetarian Food
Location: Changi Airport Terminal 2, Carpark 2A (Level 2), Level 3M
Contact: Unknown
Opening Hours: Unkown

This Standard Bee Hoon was not the greatest dish i've eaten by far. Firstly, a reoccurring problem with this eatery is all the food is very cold, i know stalls have a three hour rule (correct me if i'm wrong?) for leaving food out, but this food just feels...Old! This stall does have a number of interesting mock meats, that arn't commonly found in most stalls, such as this mock ham/pork, which i must say (apart from being very cold) was not bad at all. The noodles were the exact opposite though, very bad indeed.

Conclusion - The conclusion is, there is no good vegetarian eatery at Changi Airport, haha. But, like i mentioned in my previous post. Lovers of Indian food can soon unite and celebrate, as Ananda Bhavan is coming! It's also expanding to doing home delivery/e-orders (check out more on their website http://www.anandabhavan.com). Sorry to not say more about this place, but there really isn't much to say, overall it's a below average eatery, with very bad bee hoon. The next post will be of the food i sampled in Phuket, probably will get around to posting it sometime tomorrow!

Overall Rating
Food - 3/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service - 6/10
Value - 6/10

Friday, December 11, 2009

Aunty's Curry - Changi Airport

Well, your beloved blogger was recently on a short vacation to Phuket, yes i had a nice time, and no, you can't see my holiday photos. But over the next few days i will be giving you some posts for Phuket vegetarian food, as well as my usual stuff. So, when hungry travellers go to the airport, is it possible to find good vegetarian food? Well, the place to go is the staff cafeteria, which is horribly difficult to find (they like to keep it a secret). It's located in Terminal 2, at carpark 2A, then go up the elevator to 3M...With me so far? I will be reviewing two places from Changi Airport, both located in the same cafeteria! So, first is the North Indian one! Enjoy!

Aunty's Curry
Location: Changi Airport Terminal 2, Carpark 2A (Level 2), Level 3M
Contact: Unknown
Opening Hours: Unkown

NOTE - This is NOT a 100% vegetarian eatery! However, they have a suitable range of vegetarian food that you can choose from. But for those who wish only to eat in 100% vegetarian places, don't go here.

This large meal is quite pricey, and a mix of pro's and con's. The naan's that i ordered where thick and doughy, and when they became cooler they turned very hard...Which made them not too appetizing at all. The curry was good, with eggplant and potatoes inside, probably the highlight of the meal. The briyani rice was below par, lacking in flavour. I ordered two side dishes to go with the rice, one was a tofu and long bean dish, which was spicy and tasted quite nice, the other was a salted vegetable type accompaniment, which was also quite tasty. Sadly though, price along with the quality of the naan's and rice made this meal overall not worth it. If you want to order less things, then you will make a saving, however these places tend to charge a lot for briyani rice.

Price: $9.00. 5/10

Conclusion - Very soon travellers will have the luxury of being able to eat at an entirely vegetarian Indian eatery. The Ananda Bhavan franchise will shortly be opening up a restaurant at T2, which i am very excited about! And judging by this eatery, it can't come soon enough. The standard of the food on offer at Aunty's Curry is not very high, the naan's are too hard, the briyani rice doesn't have enough flavour, and while there is some positives from the meal, the price is just too high. On a side note, the lady that works at this stall has been a vegetarian for 55 years, she is very friendly and will help you find which of the dishes are vegetarian and which are not. So can a hungry traveller get good Indian food in Changi Airport, at the moment no, but soon yes! I will be reviewing Ananda Bhavan when it opens!

Overall Rating
Food - 4/10
Ambiance- 5/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 4/10

Friday, December 4, 2009

Loving Hut - City Hall

One of three Loving Hut's located in Singapore, the others being located at Parklane and Bukit Merah Central. This is become quite a large franchise, with outlets also opened up in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and even USA. Next to this eatery is also Pangat Indian Vegetarian, which i will eventually get around to reviewing in due course. This is a totally vegan eatery, however you will have to specify if you don't take onions, garlic and other such.

Loving Hut
Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, Sky Garden #03-016, Tower 2
Contact: 6238 6755
Opening Hours: Daily - Until 9pm

CLOSED DOWN - As of 27/01/2014

Singapore's version of spaghetti never seems to be at all good, from my past experiences. This Spaghetti Napoletana was more improved though. However, yet again it was without cheese, which is such a crucial element to the dish. With this being a vegan eatery though (and the price of mock cheese being extortionate) it's understandable. The noodles were well cooked, being not soggy at all. Lot's of mushroom inside, as well as mock meat. The sauce is tomato based, and tasted quite good. Presentation applaudable.

Price: $5.80. 7/10Apparently one of Loving Hut's most famed dishes, this Ocean Bliss is a mock fish dish, which is excellently presented. The crispy batter around the mock fish is really quite something, unlike most batters this is very light and doesn't make you feel sick after eating too much. The sauce that the fish is smothered in is quite nice, but nothing exceptional. Definitely a dish worth trying out though.

Price: $6.80 (with rice set) or $5.50 (just fish). 7/10
This is the rice, long beans and poppadom that comes with the ocean bliss, it costs $1.30 extra to get this, or if you just want the dish alone then you can. Long beans are no soggy, and have a good crunch. Rice is good.

We originally wanted the crispy oyster mushroom, unfortunately they weren't serving it, so instead we opted for the Crispy Spring Roll's. Overall not bad, however the filling inside tasted a little doughy for me, i liked the crispness of the outer shell, but the insides were a bit of a let down. The dipping sauce is a good accompaniment to the dish.

Price: $3.80. 7/10

Conclusion - It's a nice setting, the seats are all outdoor, and like i said, it's right next to a vegetarian Indian place as well. The price is not too bad overall, dishes such as the spaghetti you can typically find for a dollar or so more than this. The ocean bliss was the best dish i tried. I have been to the Parklane Loving Hut also, and was overall quite impressed with it, however they have a bad habit of having half the menu not available. I will be reviewing the Parklane one in the next few weeks.

Overall Rating
Food - 7/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 8/10

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Misconception #3 - What's the worst that can happen? It's just meat!

This addition of misconceptions is going to be based on arguably the most significant issue to ever face humanity - Climate change. Now globally accepted as a huge problem, that has escalated out of control, but what has that got to do with meat? Well, that's what frustrates me the most. If i were to say, emissions from vehicles contribute to climate change, would there be many protests? Probably not. How about, electricity usage? Probably not. But if i were to name the factor that contributes to 51% of the overall greenhouse gases, bizarrely enough, it sparks huge resistance from people. The issue i'm talking about is the meat industry, producer of 32,564 million tons of CO2 per year.

Of course, most developed countries are now trying to promote saving electricity, turning to greener alternatives, recycling, reducing the use of personal transport. Yet, stop eating meat is seldom touched upon, why? It's a very sensitive issue. Every government rely heavily on the meat industry as a source of income (would the government dare put money above your health and global damage!?...Probably).

Thankfully, this issue is getting more exposure now, even though people are generally very opposing to accepting such an inconvenient truth.

The follow exert is from a report titled Livestock's long shadow: environmental issues and options:-

The animal agriculture industry takes up almost 30 percent of the Earth's usable land space. Many countries, such as Brazil, have clear-cut, massive amounts of once abundant forests for the purpose of installing cattle farms. And the agricultural land used to raise feed for these cattle has been polluted by pesticides and fertilizers, as well as degraded by soil erosion and water pollution. The livestock sector is also a "key-player" in water use as well as depletion, which is mostly used to irrigate the crops used for feed. Grazing livestock disrupt natural chemical patterns in soil as well as destroy wild animal habitats. Ironically livestock consume more than 77 million tons of "human edible protein" as opposed to the 58 million tons the animals actually contribute to the food stream. The major pollutants from this industry include animal waste, hormones, and antibiotics, as well as chemicals used to produce leather."

The part in bold is particularly infuriating to me. In order to 'fatten' animals such as chickens, cows and pigs to become 'market weight' they are fed countless amounts of grains, beans and seeds (all high protein foods). Which, are all completely fit for human consumption. It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of meat.

Obviously with how huge the meat industry is, it will require a lot of grains. In fact, 70% of the worldwide grains produced go to feeding...Livestock. Which, incidentally is enough grains to end all human starvation, that's 840 million people.

It's bitterly ironic that the countries in which farmers obtain their grains and such ilk from are some of the poorest countries in the world. People, animals and the planet are all negatively effected from the meat industry. It's no longer purely an animal cruelty issue. Such a small effort can make significant in roads. If everyone in America went vegetarian for one day a week - The country would save 100 billion tonnes of water, 1.5 billion tons of crops (which would have been fed to the animals), 70 million gallons of gas, 3 million acres of land and 33 tons of antibiotics. Climate/Environmentally it would save 1.2 million tons of CO2 (the amount produced by a country the size of France), 3 million tons of soil erosion, and 4.5 million tons of animal excrement (which is responsible for causing 7 tons of ammonia emissions). One day a week can do all that, now imagine it globally.

I am really adamant of helping people see the consequences of what they choose to buy from the supermarket or order at a food court. It's so easy for this trend to continue because people simply don't directly see the consequences, and frankly don't want to know about it. But running from the problem will only magnify the implications. If you have friends that are of this mindset, don't be shy to educate them on the facts. As i've said in the past, vegetarians and vegans are always branded 'emotionally blinded', deal strictly with facts. Memorize your statistics, memorize the facts, be clear, concise and authoritative. Making just one person rethink their position can save 6 bovines, 45 pigs, and over 200 chickens.

I think i'm going to veer in a slightly different direction in my next posts, no longer will i do Misconception titled posts, instead i will focus specifically on certain divisions of animal rights, which you will see in the next few weeks.

All the issues that i raise in my 'Misconceptions' posts can be read about - In a much more interesting and articulate fashion - In Karen Dawn's superb book, which covers animal cruelty, animal rights, speciesism, the fur industry, meat industry, dairy industry, pretty much everything you could want to read in order to highlight the truth about the lives of animals. I urge you all to go out and buy it, or rent it from the library! It's not too dissimilar to the literary founder of all things 'animal rights' - Peter Singer. However, i find Dawn's book much more easy on the eye, with playful illustrations, and insightful facts. Check it out!

Thank you to goveg.com for the use of some captions, planetsave.com for statistics and Google for the images.
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