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Friday, October 30, 2009

Eternal Vegetarian - Bukit Gombak

For those wondering what happened to Mai Zhi Su, well, it's closed down and has now been overtaken by Eternal Vegetarian! This place is a long way away from where i stay, which is unfortunate because i really like it! The location is very easy to find, only a few minutes walk from Bukit Gombak MRT.

Eternal Vegetarian
Location: 01-126, BLK 376, Bukit Batok St 31
Contact: 90143482
Opening Hours: Unknown

CLOSED DOWN AS OF 16/08/2011 (Replaced by another vegetarian stall)

I've been in a Western mood all week actually, maybe i'm missing home? No, definitely not! I ordered the Chicken Chop first. A really good price for Western food. However, i was a little underwhelmed by the mock chicken. Had a good crunch and good flavour, but suffered from 'being placed under an iron all day' syndrome. Very flat. Chips were not over fried (rare!). I was expecting some sort of sauce with the mock chicken too? The dish only has three components, therefore probably the price is just about right. OK attempt.

Price: $5.00. 6/10

Next up was one of the cheaper dishes on the menu, the Curry Mutton Rice. I loved the curry taste to this dish, although i personally prefer the gravy to be a little thicker. They serve exactly four pieces of potato, and four of mock mutton. The mock mutton is very good, lovely taste and texture. The poppadom you see in the far right hand side was soggy and had no crunch to it at all. But a minor criticism of an overall satisfying dish!

Price: $3.50. 8/10

We were also feeling adventurous that day! And therefore tried the Steam Cod Fish with Ginger. This dish was heaped with ginger on top, too much for any sane person to handle. They used old ginger too, which has a more bitter and pungent taste. The sauce they used was heavily oiled, but OK tasting. Every other flavour in this dish however was overpowered by this head spinning amount of ginger. Serving size is not too bad compared with price. Maybe i'd like to have seen a few more components to the dish, though. Opposed to simply just the fish and sauce. Something that would counter the strong ginger.

The texture of the mock cod was worth mentioning. Quite dissimilar to the regular texture of mock fish that you would expect. As you can see by the picture it has a very stringy and sparse quality to it. Not really my type of thing, yet my friend (and lifetime member of the 'i love ginger' club) seemed to actually like this dish. For me it's flavours were all too overpowering, and i struggled to get through it. If you like ginger as well though, this may be for you!

Price: $8.00. 5/10

Dishes tried from previous visits:-

Fish Head Mee Hoon - Really really good dish, they use a generous amount of salted vegetables, which really gives the soup a charming taste! Probably one of the best fish mee hoon's that i have tried, definitely give this a try!

Price: $3.50. 9/10

Thai Style Prawn - I was actually wanting to order something else when i got this (thanks to my broken Mandarin). But overall it was not too bad, has a sweet taste when initially chewing it, followed by a hot after taste! They use a good quality mock prawns, not the rubbery kind that you can sometimes encounter.

Price: $7.00. 7/10

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice - Serving size OK, and the sauce was not bad. This type of mock meat that they use i am not too crazy about. But overall it's OK. There are much more satisfying dishes on the menu, though.

Price: $3.50. 5/10

Conclusion - I really like this newly formed eatery. It's menu range is quite good, having a lot of affordable dishes, along with the more pricey dishes, such as the cod. They also have nasi lemak here (not on the menu), sadly we didn't have time (or stomach space!) to try it! I've been there twice and it's usually very quiet. Inside, they also have various vegetarian items for sale. It is worthy to mention that their standard rice is very very cheap here. The price for one mock meat and two veggies is $2.00 (if i'm not mistaken!).

Overall Rating
Food - 7/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 8/10
Value - 7/10

Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Misconception #2 - It's healthy to eat meat!

From my experience, most meat-eaters will happily confess that fast food chains such as McDonalds, KFC and Burger King are decisively bad for their health. However, when i pose to them that other meat which they consume, such as chicken, fish, beef, pork is unhealthy for them. I get that bamboozled look, shortly followed by 'but, meat is good for you'. To which i promptly bang my head on the wall a thousand times. It's not good for you, and i will explain why all credible evidence points that way. As always...No opinion, only facts!

The first thing i want to do is put to bed this groundless rumor that vegetarians don't get enough iron, protein etc whatever it may be. Most typical diets actually have too much protein in, no vegetarians have protein issues, because simply, it's so easy to get it. Women require 47 grams of protein per day (men 54 grams), that equates to only two cups of tofu. But it's not just tofu that vegetarians are reduced to having to eat, there are a whole host of grains, beans and nuts that have a overwhelming amount of protein inside (much more per ratio compared to meat).

But now to the bulk of this discussion. Is it healthy to eat meat? Firstly, as i'm sure a proportion of people are aware, red meat has one of the highest forms of saturated fats in the human diet, and contains compounds that are proven to significantly raise the risk of heart disease and various cancers. In fact, in 1996 the American Cancer Society advised people to exclude red meat entirely from their diet. Their study confirms links between red meat and these cancers - breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and bladder cancer.

Any credible scientific report that you read that is regarding red meat will all prove what i've just mentioned. It stems back to my first misconceptions post, where i tried to convey how humans bodies are simply not designed to deal with meat, and it's also proven in how the body reacts to the meat you put inside you.

The two groups of meat that rather surprising labeled the 'healthiest' are fish and poultry. For chicken, the risk of cancer is even higher than red meat! It is proven to be more prevalent in heterocyclic amines, which are directly linked to cancer. Chickens (and other livestock) are also fed a copious amount of antibiotics (to make the grow bigger quicker). These eventually lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria, which ultimately goes into your mouth as the consumer, these are not harmless incidentally, in fact, 60,000 American's per year die of bacterias of this ilk.

Then of course there is E.coli, for those unsure where the bacteria E.coli comes from, it's the animal's feces. If the thought of eating the animal's waste isn't enough to put you off, maybe knowing that it kills thousands per year will. A report by Ingrid Newkirk explains how the E.coli gets onto the animals:-

" Drains and sewers at slaughterhouses will often become backed up with guts and coagulated blood. The pools that develop may come up to the workers’ ankles. The muck may splash up onto the animals spreading contamination. Or whole heads of shackled animals may even drag through it."

Fish! Fish must be good for you, right? All the omega 3's and what not? Well, you might be surprised. It's a high fat, high-calorie food that is rampant with cholesterol. The main danger with eating fish, however, is the dangerous toxins that are absorbed by the fish from the sea, and which are ultimately passed onto you as you eat it! The most scary is mercury! The FDA (Food and Drug Admission) recommend young children and pregnant women to not eat most types of seafood, due to risk of brain damage via extreme mercury levels in fish. It's particularly worrying for Singaporeans, as the fish sold in Singapore is proven to have four times the amount of mercury to that of American fish (incidentally American fish is already known for very high mercury levels).

All meat has some positive nutrients inside, i'm not disputing that. But the facts are that the harmful effects outweigh the positive in regards to meat. All the good nutrients that you can find in meat, can also be found in alternative forms (with much less health consequences!).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brij Bhoomi Indian Vegetarian - Boon Keng

I love the name of this place! We actually came here a few weeks ago, and they were not open (contrary to their opening times), so judging from our past experience, take these opening times as 'we should open then, but often can't be bothered'. Be cautious. To locate Bhoomi Whoomi (as i've fondly called it), alight at Boon Keng MRT, follow Serangoon Road straight down, and it's on the right hand side. Be careful, the road is very treacherous to cross, make sure you cross earlier at the traffic lights. On Friday's and weekends, they have special thali's available, i happened to go on a Friday, so i tried and reviewed Friday's special!

Brij Bhoomi Indian Vegetarian
Location: 1088 Serangoon Road
Contact: 63923482 0r 91811150
Opening Hours:

Comes with 4 generous pieces of poppadoms and a mint dip. I love the dip and the poppadoms were not too greasy.

Price: FREE. 8/10

A entree that was previously completely foreign to me, this Aloo Tikki with Ragda (Mutter) is a nice little start to your meal! For it's price the service size is quite good. The fried potato patty hidden underneath the pulses was very tasty. Although it was quite a good dish, the only thing I took away from this dish was SALT..lots of it.

Price: $3.00. 7/10

So here is the Friday's special thali, this one is named Rajasthan Se Choorma Thali. I love thali's and for it's price i was expecting a huge, extravagant, delicious thali. To my disappointment, this is an ordinary thali, i found nothing outstanding about the dish. Generous with the rice, but not enough accompaniments to justify it's exceedingly high price. The aloo was good, but the curry's were bland and boring. It only had 5-6 components to it, and like i said, for that price it should have been more like 8-10 components.

Price: $11.00. 3/10

The Plain Naan's from Brij are priced well, but lacking in quality. When comparing these naan's to the higher quality Indian eateries, such as Gokul and Raj, this naan is way behind. It was hard around the edges and too thick and bready in the center. The charred parts didn't have a good flavour and charred dust were stuck onto the naans. Poor attempt at a naan, lacking dimension and essential texture.

Price: $1.50. 3/10

We also ordered one curry, which was the Paneer Butter Masala. I love butter masala's, but this one didn't quite hit the spot for me. I found the texture of the curry to be too lumpy, i would have preferred it smoother. I think the dish lacked complexity in the spices, and subsequently i felt like i was eating a creamy cheese pasta type sauce. The paneer, however, was good, large chunks, which they were very generous with. Serving size only just big enough.

Price: $7.00. 5/10

Conclusion - Service charge, what a shame. As it really bumped the price of this meal up. I paid in total around $24 for this meal, pay a few dollars extra and you can eat at Raj, much more fancy restaurant, better service, better food and better ambiance. Or, pay a few dollars less and go to Gokul where the food blow's Brij out of the water. No mock meats here also, for those who want that. This restaurant is not a total travesty. If i were to intentionally forget about Indian eateries that i know are much better and greater value for money, then i might be tempted to say Brij Bhoomi was passable...But i wouldn't advise going here, as Little India simply has much better places. They've made a nice effort with the interior design of the place, but it's a little out of the way, but to it's credit, it seems to get reasonable business...Perhaps, in part, due to those suspiciously positive 'one post only' reviewers on hungrygowhere.com. I emphasize the word

Overall Rating

Food - 5/10
Ambiance- 9/10
Service - 5/10
Value - 4/10

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Simple Foods Vegetarian - Ubi

Most people will probably be more familiar with the Tampines branch of Simple Foods. Well, not too long ago they also opened one in Pasir Ris. This store is smaller, and i believe the menu is a little more limited as well. The location is quite cosy, and i was very excited to try what they had to offer. However (as i will explain later) the food probably didn't quite meet my expectations, but most importantly, the staff certainly didn't.

Simple Foods Vegetarian
Location: 1 Pasir Ris Close, E! hub, #02-112, Downtown East
Contact: 65848155
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 8:30am-9:30pm. Sat & Sun 9am-10pm.

NOTE - This eatery has now CLOSED.  It is going to be located at Bedok North St 3 #01-511, Blk 537.  However, the new location is not yet open.

So let's begin! F
irst up was the Mexican Roast Steak. I have had this exact dish at the Tampines branch, i found this one not as good. The steak in Tampines is really quite something, it is a beautiful blend of crispy mock steak, flavoured superbly with herbs and melted cheese on top. Sadly, the Pasir Ris version used a soggy mock meat. The surface of it looked great, and the taste was still almost there, but underneath the 'steak' it was very soggy. Generous with the cheese, but soggy mock is unforgivable.

Price: $8.50. 6/10

The Curry Rending Rice was probably my favourite thing we ordered. I've never tried this dish before, and i was pleased with it's flavours. They were really generous with the cheese! I wouldn't say that the rice has a rendang flavour to it but it does taste good. One thing which annoys me is that people seem to forget the importance of simplicity. I like the concept of this dish but would love it if they haven't sprinkled the top with oregano. The taste of the curry was way overpowered by it and it tends to get sickly halfway through the meal due to the conflicting flavours.

Price: $7.00. 7 /10
I really felt like a burger that day, so actually my main reason for going here was the burger, haha. As you can see by the price, it's quite cheap. Unfortunately the quality also plummets with the price. The Fish Burger is a soggy and sorry excuse for a burger. The bun has a very floury taste, and the fish patty and vegetables that are inside feel like one of those horrid pre-packeted burgers that you can instantly microwave. Price is really good, but still stay away from it.

Price: $3.80. 3/10


Conclusion - The worst tasting thing from this restaurant was the waiter's lousy attitude. Alternatively to the Tampines branch where the waiter's and staff are very helpful, this waiter (middle aged, and completely bald head) was utterly incompetent. When i asked him 'Do you have any other burgers apart from fish, such as chicken?' His answer was 'Ham or chicken, whatever you want it to be, it's all made of soy'..So why didn't he put soybeans in place of the patty and call it fish then? He seems to forget that mock meats actually have flavour. We got off lightly compared to others in the restaurant. For that reason, a restaurant that i would otherwise rate reasonably highly has taken a significant fall, due to their choice of staff. I would avoid this eatery and go to the Tampines outlet, my eating experience (and quality of food) was significantly higher from there! I will be reviewing the Tampines outlet shortly!
Overall Rating
Food - 7/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 2/10
Value - 5/10

Note - Tampines outlet address is as follows...
BLK 462, Tampines St 44, #01-64 
Bedok North St 3 #01-511, Blk 537 (new location)
Contact - 67826142

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunrise Bread Cafe - Bugis

Located inside the Fortune Centre, this modern looking bakery hosts an array of buns and cakes. You can also sit down and take a coffee if you want too! Fortune Centre has a host of places (both bakeries and eateries) for vegetarians and vegans to check out! All of a pretty good quality!

Sunrise Bread Cafe
Location: 190 Middle Road, #01-33 Fortune Centre
Contact: 63370321
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-8pm

We went overboard with buns that day, got two buns here, in addition to two buns and one curry puff from various shops! The Sardine bun was encased in a white sheet (what seemed to be rice paper) like a pretty parcel. I wouldn't say that the sardine taste was authentic but it was tasty nonetheless. We had the Otah bun as well. A skimpy (but yummy) piece of otah sandwiched in a soft bun. Perhaps there could have been more otah inside, but good taste nevertheless!

Price: Bun's typically around $1.30-1.40. 7/10

Conclusion - A nice and cozy place to hang out for a bit. The buns were nothing spectacular- I much prefer the softness (and the price!) of the buns at T&S vegetarian shop. But i would recommend taking a look at this place! I think the idea of having a bakery where you can sit down, relax, and order a coffee is a great idea! Therefore, i think it's a nice environment to be in!

Overall Rating
Food - 8/10
Ambiance- 8/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 6/10

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yi Xin Cuisine - Ang Mo Kio

Located only a few minutes walk away from Bishan MRT, this eatery is located to the side of a small hawker centre (which also contains another vegetarian stall). Has a reasonable pricey section of the menu (roughly $7-8), coupled with a more affordable section ($3-4).

Note - This eatery has now relocated to Ang Mo Kio, the new address is below!

Yi Xin Vegetarian
Location: Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Contact: 98575096
Opening Hours: 8am-9pm (seven days). Except day after 1st & 15th of Chinese lunar month.

First dish was the Fish Bee Hoon Soup with Bitter gourd. I like bitter gourd a lot, so i enjoyed this dish! They also included salted vegetables, in so many fish mee hoon dishes they neglect the salted veggies, which is crazy to me, cause it adds such great flavour to the soup! The mock fish is also very commendable in this dish, a great chewy texture, and good taste, unlike the soggy messes you can get sometimes. Only complaint i could give was perhaps the soup could have been thicker, it was a little watery for me.

Price: $3.00. 8/10

The next two dishes both suffered from the same serious problem...The chef has gone salt-crazy with them! Which is a shame, because this Fried Yee Mee had good flavour, with the noodles having superb texture. Only to be ruined by an almost unbearable amount of salt. If you order this, i would suggest asking for less salt. Veggies and mock meat inside was also not bad, and serving size was OK in relation to price, but salt, salt, salt. What a shame.

Price: $3.50. 6/10

On this day we also ordered the Rice with Curry Diced Chicken. The curry in this dish has a real sharp spice to it, and therefore if you don't want spicy food - Stay away. The curry is thick, which is always something i look for. But again, it was very salty. And even though i love spicy food, even i would have to say that this curry is too spicy, and will only get praise from very hardcore spice fans. Mock chicken was not too bad.

Price: $4.00. 5/10

Conclusion - Well, as i'm sure you've gathered already, the big problem from here is SALT. I think i had my monthly salt intake in one meal here! The chef does have the right flavours and aromas in the dishes, but he/she becomes too excessive! For example, the curry had good flavour, but was drowned out by the spice. The yee mee had good wok hei taste, but was overpowered by the salt. Minor alterations would make these dishes much more enjoyable! It may just be a few exclusive dishes that they go heavy on the salt for, or maybe it's a consistent theme with the whole menu. I will go back one day and sample more from here and let you know!

Overall Rating
Food - 6/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 6/10

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant - Little India

Quite simply my favourite restaurant in all of Singapore. I have been to this place around 20-30 times now. This place has an extensive menu, which will take several trips to taste everything on there. Located off Serangoon Road, around 10 minutes walking distance from Little India MRT. So let us begin...

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: 19 Upper Dickinson Road
Contact: 63967769
Opening Hours: Daily 8am-10.30pm. 

Note (06/09/2013): Since this review, significant changes have been made to Gokul.  Please CLICK HERE to see my 2013 review of Gokul. 

Traditional Teh Tarik was very creamy from Gokul. However, they have rather craftily reduced the cup size! Subsequently, this is a small cup and perhaps not worth the price. The quality of the tea is very nice though. Not bitter, and not flooded with sugar, as so often is the case. A lot of milk used, which like i said, gives a very creamy taste. No diluted consistency either, which can be a reoccurring problem with teh tarik.

Price: $1.50. 8/10

Personally my favourite thing in the whole place! Perhaps a little bit of a accuired taste. This Sardine Curry Puff is mouth-watering! Be warned, this is HOT, very very spicy, if you can't take spice don't get it. But if you can, this is a real treat. It's very rare i give something full marks, so hopefully it can give some indication how good this is. The pastry is nice, but the filling is just heavenly. Please, please, please order it!

Price: $1.50/pc. 10/10

It's very seldom you will be served a curry that doesn't taste fantastic from Gokul, the Chicken Kurma is no different. This curry is magnificently creamy, with only a subtle spice (good for those not wanting something too hot). The mock meat from Gokul is easily the most authentic i have ever tried, and the chicken in this dish is a perfect example of that. There is absolutely no way to tell it's not real meat. I can't think of any criticism for this dish. Superb!

Price: $6.00. 9/10

This Gokul Special Fish Head Curry comes in a mini wok atop a burner which kept it warm throughout the entire meal! It comes with generous servings of fish, eggplant and okra. The curry is delightful but the tartness- which is the most distinctive feature of a fish curry was played down. The pieces of fish in it, although plentiful was not exactly memorable. As with dishes with vegetarian fishes soaked in a sauce or some sort, it tends to result in limp pieces of drowned fishes.

Price: $6.00. 6/10

This was the first time we tried Shahi Paneer, not a disappointing dish at all, great flavours, the paneer was a good size and great texture. Maybe the only criticism that i could give is that it's a little too similar to other curry's i've tried from Gokul. But the quality is top notch again. Similarly to the Kurma, this is not a very spicy dish, and again highly recommended for non-spice people. Creamy and colourful, masterful dish!

Price: $6.50. 9/10

We've tried plenty of Plain Naan's and these used to be the best. However, after tasting the best ones (value and quality) from Raj's, we're rethinking our stance. The quality of these naan's varies alot depending on the chef of that day. The ones we had on this particular day was dense, thick and not as nicely charred as it usually was. Don't write this off just yet, if your in luck, you might find the best naan in this restaurant.

Price: $2.00. 8/10

This accompaniment is fully deserving of full marks. But lack of lemon is the one thing letting this beautifully tasting Chicken Tandoori Tikka down. But oh man, this is an impressive tasting dish. Almost identical to the real thing, with the chicken tasting authentic beyond belief. I think the serving size is satisfactory, yet not huge. The burnt bits taste the best! The flavour can be described as a charred and smokey taste. Just divine. If only a slice of lemon was on the side, then i'd be giving this full marks without a doubt.

Price: $7.00. 9/10

Other dishes you might want to try...

Butter Chicken Masala - Unfortunately didn't have time to order this one as well, but it's probably my favourite curry of the menu. The curry taste is beautiful, and the chicken is great!

Price: $6.00. 10/10

Palak Paneer - Perhaps a little salty, but the paneer is good. The dish can vary, but most of the time it's pretty quality.

Price: $6.50? 8/10

Conclusion - If you love Indian food, or even if you don't - This is the place to go. I've tried many Indian eateries, still yet to find one that matches Gokul. Price in equation to serving size is very good, and the quality is practically unbeatable. Like i mentioned previously, the menu is very vast and requires multiple visits. Curry's are divided into two sections, firstly the 'North Indian' section, that sells mainly paneer, aloo and gobi curries (usually range from $6.50-$8.50). Secondly, the 'Gokul Specials' curries, these are my favourite, and are the cheapest! (all are $6 only). There is no criticism possible for the food, however at times the waiters can be a bit clumsy, misunderstanding orders, incorrect bill at the end (make sure to check it). When i first came here in 2007 it was quite a quiet place, i think now over the last few years it's increased in popularity (thankfully not in price though). 100% recommended! If you like Indian food or not, go and enjoy this great food!

Overall Rating
Food - 10/10
Ambiance- 9/10
Service - 10/10
Value - 9/10

Chella's Vegetarian Corner - Little India


First of two reviews that i'm going to do for Deepavali. Chella's is a modern looking Indian restaurant that is a hybrid of an Indian fast food eatery and an Indian restaurant. Does it work? I'll let you know! Very easy to find this place its on the corner of the street facing the main road (Serangoon Road).

Chella's Vegetarian Corner
Location: #70 Serangoon Road
Contact: 62976297
Opening Hours: Closed on Wed.

These Onion Pakoda's are one of several snacks that you can buy from downstairs, however we chose to have them as an accompaniment to our meal. Frankly, these may be one of the worst things i've ever tried. They have a meager taste of the spices you would expect, but no where near enough flavour. But my biggest problem is the horrid texture. It resembles eating dry bark wood. I took absolutely no enjoyment from these, and would strongly recommend to stay away from them.

Price: $1.80. 1/10

Dissimilar to most dosai's, this Rava Masala Dosai had a considerably thick dosai. Which i quite liked. Being so thick, it doesn't have the crispness or crunch that you would typically expect, nevertheless, it was nice. Generous filling of masala inside, overall not too bad. Not the most amazing dosai i've had, but certainly not the worst!

Price: $3.50. 7/10

Navarathana Kurma (for those who don't know) is basically the typical Indian spices added with a selection of fruits (usually banana and apple) and blended together to make this curry, which is therefore quite sweet. When it's done right it's a wonderfully unique curry dish. I myself have made this before, and to my horror, my version is actually better than this one. This is not a good attempt. The taste is of a reasonable standard, but the vegetables inside are too trite for me. The paneer cubes are small, to the point where you almost don't know they're there at all. Serving size is way too small for the price as well.

Price: $7.00. 4/10

This Variety Meal, more commonly know as thaili had three types of rice (including curd rice), one mini poori, appalam, kuruma and vegetables. It was of an average standard. Nothing from the dish leaped out at me as being truly delicious. I've had much better thaili's than this, and for an equal (if not lower) price. Therefore i couldn't think of any reason why i would opt to buy it from here again.

Price: $6.80. 5/10

Conclusion - Like i mentioned in my opening paragraph, this place is trying to mix two types of eateries together, however, rather foolishly it decided to combine the two worst features of both together. It has priced it's food of that of a mid-range Indian restaurant, then made the food to the quality of a low-range fast food eatery...Which baffles me. This restaurant is also a favourite spot for Indian families, more specifically, screaming babies, haha. So if you don't like children, avoid this place. In fact, just avoid it full stop.

Overall Rating
Food - 5/10
Ambiance- 3/10
Service - 5/10
Value - 4/10

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recipe Index

hungryangmo.com Recipe List:-

Vegan Bengali Chingri Malai Fish
Vegan Hyderabadi Aloo Gobi
Kerala Koottu Curry
 Aam Kairas
Aloo Palak
Sorakkaya Pachadi
Ragda Patties
Murg Saagwala 
'Prawn' Kuzhambu (coming soon!)
Rai Wali Bhindi (coming soon!)
Kadai Gosht (coming soon!)

Vegan Scrambled Eggs 
Vegan Scotch Pancakes
Vegan Magnum Ice Cream
Traditional Roasted Potatoes 
Vegan Chocolate Mousse
Vegan Soft Pretzels 
Vegan Foccacia Bread (coming soon!)

Vegan Ayam Mesak Merah (coming soon!)
'Beef' Rendang (coming soon!)
Sambal Goreng (coming soon!)

Thai Peanut & Lime Salad
Vegan Budae Jiggae
Honey BBQ 'Chicken' (coming soon!)
Thai Sticky Rice with Mango (coming soon!)
Shwe Yin Aye (coming soon!)
Vegan Chicken Rice (coming soon!)

Any vegan dish you would love for me to cook?  Please leave a comment below and tell me what dish you would like me to make VEGAN!

Lao Di Fang Vegetarian - Chinatown

Recently changed location, but it's still in the same hawker centre. Can be a little tricky to find, as it is around the outskirts of the complex. Small little stall, has slightly limited array of food to choose from. Bare in mind, this is not the only vegetarian stall in this complex, i counted at least two others! I will return there soon to review the others!

Lao Di Fang Vegetarian
Location: #02-055 Chinatown Complex Market, 2nd Floor. (Exit Middle Rd)
Contact: Unknown
Opening Hours: Until 9pm

I ordered the Pork Ribs, along with a bowl of rice. When looking at the price, it seems actually not too bad, however the service size is a little too small, and therefore barely justifies the price that was given. I thought the mock meat was of good quality, however they were too generous with the veggies, and not generous enough with the mock meat. Overall not too bad though.

Price: $4.50. 6/10

This Hokkien Mee comes with a large serving portion. It has bits of mock meat and various vegetables together with thick yellow noodles and a clear konnyaku-like typed noodles. The clear noodles have got an interesting bite to them and was rather addictive. The disappointment however was in the stock used. It tastes nothing like hokkien mee, i reckon. Not too bad if you think of it as your regular noodle dish.

Price: $3.00. 6/10

As an accompaniment to our two meals, we got a side order of Crispy Tofu! This dish was alright, but definitely not a justification of it's price. In total you get six cubes of tofu. A little disappointing not to have a 'silky' texture inside. The dipping sauce was quite flavourful though.

Price: $2.50. 5/10

Conclusion - The options in this eatery are not very vast. They do have laksa, which i was curious to try. Other than that, not too much on offer. Quality is not bad. But it's not of a quality that i would say 'go out of your way to go to this place'. It's one of those 'if you're in the area...' type places. Price is alright, but seen as though it's a hawker centre, i guess it might even be considered a little over priced.

Overall Rating

Food - 6/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service - 6/10
Value - 6/10

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Koufu Vegetarian Stall - Sengkang

Well, this is home for me. I do live in Sengkang, and i do probably visit this place at least once a day, and the aunties at this stall do love me, like a son. However!...As a reviewer (as always) i will remain committed to giving you a completely unbiased evaluation of this stall! You have my word! This place is opposite Compass Point and the MRT station, you want to follow the long path going into the park (under the LRT bridge). Keep following it down deeper into the park, then on your left is a small indoor food court. Takes around 5 minutes to get there upon leaving the MRT!

Koufu Vegetarian Stall
Location: Inside Sengkang Sculpture Park (opposite Sengkang MRT)
Contact: Unknown

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

I'm going to start off by reviewing their best dish by far, Laksa! I am going to make a bold statement...This is one of the best laksa's in Singapore! Everything is just beautifully done. The fusion between the curry and coconut cream is balanced expertly. The noodles have a great texture, the bean curd soaks up the sauce wonderfully. It's just a top quality dish. The only thing preventing me from giving in full marks is that the char siew has a very soggy and doughy texture, not too appealing. This dish can vary is spice depending which chef is there (the small chef is better!).

Price: $2.50. 9/10

As you should know by now, i love Fish Mee Hoon. The one from this stall is lovely. Main positive point is that the mock fish is not soggy! (thank goodness). This dish is perfect when accompanied with some red chili (as you can see by the picture, i got a little too excited with the chili). The soup tastes divine! Has tofu, veggies, mock prawns and tomatoes inside (i would rather the tomatoes wernt there). This is a very generous serving size, with a lot of noodles inside! Arrive with an empty stomach!

Price: $3.50. 9/10

Fried Rice. Actually, to be frank, this fried rice is not as good as it used to be. However, it's still tasty! Good serving size again. It comes with pieces of tasty mock char siew, deliciously fried bean curd sheets as well as the stalks of some unidentified green vegetables. The freshness of the stalk dices cuts through the greasiness of the rice leaving a pleasant aftertaste on the palate. The wok hei taste that day wasn't fantastic but I wouldn't write it off just yet. It does varies from chef to chef!

Price: $3.00. 7/10

Lovely, tasty, drool-worthy Fried Hor Fun. The wok hei taste is strong (just how i like it). This Hor Fun can potentially be just average (if the lesser chef is there). There is a delicious mock meat inside along with everything else you'd expect in a hor fun. Serving size is good, and looked visually very appetising! If you go here, it's definitely a dish i'd recommend!

Price: $3.20. 8/10

Other Mentions...

Stir-fried Udon. I was expecting this to be a dry dish and was quite surprised to see it accompanied with gravy. Well, I really do not like the mock char siew from this stall when it's soaked, so one point down from me. I wouldn't recommend this dish really, you're really better off having the hor fun version instead, at least you get that nice wok hei taste with that one! A soulless dish I would say.

Price: $3.50. 4/10

Mee Rebus. The portion size is huge!! It comes with a boiled egg, beansprouts, tiny cubes of fried tofu and bean curd sheets. The gravy accompanying it tastes vaguely like the real thing though it's still quite tasty. It can definitely do with more 'toppings'.

Price: $2.50. 7/10

Conclusion - This place has cherished memories for me, and i can say (neutrally) the food here is great! Like i've mentioned above, you want the short chef to be cooking your food, haha. The tall chef is still a capable cook, but clearly not as experienced and/or talented as the smaller one. You simply must order the laksa, if you don't, really you are very silly. Of course, this place also has the standard rice or bee hoon...Not really that many selections to choose from, compared to other places. But still very nice!

Overall Rating
Food - 8/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 9/10
Value - 8/10

NOTE - Avoid the vegetarian stall in the food court on Level 4 in Compass Point (Sengkang). It's overpriced to a ridiculous extent. The food is OK, but not worth the price, it's much more logical (at least for your wallet) to go to the place above!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Raj Prime Vegetarian Restaurant - Farrer Park

An upmarket Indian restaurant located within 5 minute walking distance of Farrer Park station. It provides both north and south Indian cuisine. I will be reviewing many Indian restaurants in this area in the next few months, as i know one major fault with Singaporean food blogs is that it always neglects Indian food. But i love Indian food! So i am happy to do it! I have eaten in many Indian places in the Little India/Farrer Park area, so i can give you all a good comparison to how this place fares! So here is my review!

Raj Prime Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: 76 Syed Alwi Road
Contact: 62971716
Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 11am-10:30pm. Fri-Sat 11am-11pm.

Note - You might want to reconsider venturing to this place on a Sunday. Although the restaurant is pretty quiet, the streets and footpaths are frantically crowded with people, if you have children it's something you definitely want to avoid.

We kick started our meal with the Daal Pakora, a lovely light snack that was very well priced. They consist of a nice serving portion of bite-sized spiced fried balls. They're not too crispy nor too spicy. Very moreish! Only hint of criticism i could give is that i would have preferred it with raita instead of the sauce that actually accompanied it!

Price: $2.40. 9/10

We only ordered one Plain Naan. Again the price is not too dissimilar to what you would find in other lower market Indian places. I do think that they're almost the most perfect naans. They were soft yet chewy, fluffy and skillfully charred. The balance of sweetness and saltiness was what really made it for their naans. I love the flavour and texture so much, I could gobble 10 of these on their own.

Price: $1.50. 9/10

Of a similar nature to the renowned palak paneer, the Palak Bemisal came in a generous portion size, and was a lovely striking green! I have tried palak paneer from many places, this version holds up quite well, good spinach taste, perhaps a tad too much salt. A note of the paneer, very unusual, it's multi-layered, but has the texture of an egg! Not very nice, and not much strong cheese taste, probably a let down of the dish (which is crucial as the dish revolves around the paneer). I reckon they should spend some time perfecting their paneer instead of coming up with weird concoctions which does nothing for the dish!

Price: $9.50. 6/10

I love thali's!!!! This South Indian Thali was delicious as well! Very well priced, generous amount of food, with a intricate array of spices, flavours and textures from the different daal's and curry's. It consisted of 3 vegetable daals, 2 sauces/dips, daal, curd and halwa as accompaniments. Together with 2 chappatis, rice and a papadum..its 3 meals on a tray!

Price: $6.50. 8/10

This restaurant is actually a dosai heaven! It has an almost ridiculous amount of selections for dosai's (i wish i could have sampled them all!). We ended up going with the Cheese Masala Dosai. They use cheddar cheese here, which for someone who loves cheese - will probably be ok with. However, it really doesn't find it's place in the dish, and subsequently if you're not crazy about cheese, then it probably wouldn't appeal to you. Dosai has a lovely texture, and a generous filling of masala (opposed to the pathetically small heap you get inside most places).

Price: $5.50. 8 /10

Conclusion - The big deterrent of this restaurant is two things, GST and service charge! The price itself is not badly priced, and for the portion size, i think most the time you get what you pay for. However, adding the $5-6 that we had to pay, it takes the overall price a little too far, and makes it not worth it. We paid $29.90 for two people (baring in mind we ordered a LOT of food, too much to finish). You must get dosai's if you're going here, and they're probably something that i would go back again for. I think for a special occasion the quality of this place is great, however, i couldn't afford to go here regularly, and compared to other places in Little India, i could get similar quality food for a lower price and no stupid GST and service charge!

Overall Rating
Food - 8/10
Ambiance- 9/10
Service - 8/10
Value - 7/10
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