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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yi Xin Vegetarian Food - Chinatown

This vegetarian eatery is nestled in the midst of Chinatown's famous markets, it can be quite troublesome to find, so i suggest finding the location on Google Map first, as the markets can be like a maze. This place sells food from two distinct menus, the larger menu sells the more pricey dishes (usually ranges between $6-$8). The smaller more basic menu sells your more typical dishes such as mee hoon dishes, laksa, etc (around $3). And of course, they have the rice or bee hoon selections that you can make at the front of the counter!

Yi Xin Vegetarian Food
Location: 39 Temple Street, Inside Coffee Shop.
Contact: 62259026
Opening Hours: 8am-10pm

This Chili Fish is one of the more pricey dishes that are available, however, this particular dish is worth it! The chili is nice and spicy! (so warning for those with weak stomaches). The fish tastes very flavourful, with a lovely crispness to it, which is not over done. I've had this dish a few times from here now, always been content with what i got, so i would definitely suggest those who like spicy dishes to certain give this one a try!

Price: $7.00. 7/10

This to me is the stand out dish of this eatery. This Olive Fried Rice is fantastically done. The lovely wok hei flavour floats through the whole dish. On top is pork floss, not a particular favourite of mine, but for those who like it...You will love this type of floss! The rice has tofu, diced mock meats and other such ingredients inside, but it's beautiful fragrance is what leaps out at you when eating this dish.

Price: $3.00. 9/10

Ban Mian. The stock is milky and rich however the salt content in it prevented me from drinking more than a few mouth fulls. The noodles are actually really good though. Better than any I've ever tasted. Its not too overdone and has a nice springy texture. The mock fishes that floated on top though...not a big fan of it. The fishes's outer crust turned into a soggy and mushy mess when soaked in the soup.

Price: $3.00. 6/10

Conclusion - All the food i've tried from this eatery has been of a good standard, without a doubt. Unfortunately I've been very eager to try their 'Seaweed Chicken' (it looks fascinating!) but every time we ask for it, they never have it. The more pricey menu also has many other intriguing selections for you to try! And if you're on a budget, there is good cheap$3-4 foods on the smaller menu that i mentioned above! Actually, in this area this is definitely the most reasonably priced vegetarian eatery. The vegetarian restaurants in this area a priced very highly...Too high for my budget, i'll stick with Yi Xin!

Overall Rating
Food - 9/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 8/10
Value - 7/10

Monday, September 28, 2009

Silver Stream Vegetarian - Bedok

This is not an entirely vegetarian food court, but there is a great vegetarian stall in the midst of it! Other than the vegetarian stall, which I'm going to review, i will also be reviewing the popiah and rojak from the stall at the front of this food court!

Silver Stream Vegetarian Stall

Location: Blk 538 Bedok North Street 3
Contact: Unknown
Opening Hours: Daily 7am to 1pm

CLOSED DOWN - As of 27/07/2014

This Rojak is very very nice! It contains fried dough fritters, beansprouts, turnips, cucumbers, dried bean curd and pineapples dressed in a generous amount of sauce and crunchy peanuts. I would say that it tastes very similar to the real deal!

$2.00/3.00/4.00. 8/10

Popiah. It looks tiny but it packs a whole lot of flavour! The popiah skin is nice and chewy. The stewed turnips encased inside have a nice bite to it, unlike most places where they are soft. Its flavour is perfect- neither too sweet or too salty. The vegetarian ham inside adds a nice dimension to the dish. You may also choose to omit or include eggs. Have it with some chili and u can easily polish off 3 at a go!

$1.00. 9/10

Minced meat noodles. Bak chor mee. My first time trying a vegetarian version of this dish and I'm glad I did! The noodles are springy and not starchy..just the way I like it. The sauce is slightly spicy with a good amount of black vinegar to perk it up. Quite a generous portion. Could do with more minced meat though. Would certainly get it again.

$2.50. 8/10

Now, i'm very cautious when ordering western food in Singaporean vegetarian eateries. I am a westerner, and therefore know what it should taste like. And Singaporean western food definitely doesn't taste like how it authentically should. That being said!...I do enjoy Singaporean 'western' food! And this 'Vegetarian set meal' is one of the best i've tasted! The mock 'steak' is absolutely amazing! Chewy and packed with great flavour, with a scrumptious black pepper sauce on top. Another honourable mention are the fries, which unlike most vegetarian western meals are not too over fried! However, some people may find the fries too soggy. Rice fine. Definitely order this if you have a craving for Singaporean 'western' food!

$4.00. 9/10

Conclusion - This place is a really really top quality vegetarian stall. It's variety of food's is good, and the quality is without a doubt very high. That, along with the very reasonable pricing means i will certainly make this one of my regular haunts (just wish i lived closer at Ang Mo Kio :'(). Definitely, definitely, definitely get the popiah, if you don't i will cry.

Overall Rating
Food - 8/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 9/10

Sunday, September 27, 2009

T & S Vegetarian Shop (Vegan Bakery) - Hougang

Just around the corner of Divine Vegetarian (where i reviewed previously) this small vegan bakery is well worth looking at. It contains a variety of snacks (including curry puffs and various buns), as well as a freezer full of mock meats (good if you are a home cooker).

T & S Vegetarian Shop
Location: Blk356, Hougang Ave 7 #01-630
Contact: 62809477
Opening Hours: 7:00am to 9:00pm

Here is a picture of some of the buns they have on offer! Types include Sardine, Sausage, and others. Individually they're 80c, however there is the option of getting 4 for $3! Worth getting! The buns are all soft and fluffy. I would suggest avoiding the sardine bun, it is too mushy inside, and doesn't have a particularly pleasant taste. Moreover, there is no actual 'mock' sardine inside. Regarding the cheese that is on the top of some of these buns...The owner said that it does not contain any animal derived ingredients. Vegetarian, yes. Vegan, questionable. It tastes too much like real cheese to be vegan!

Price: 1 for 80c or 4 for $3.00. 7/10

The curry puffs here are not bad, lacking in spice, but hey, this is not an Indian run shop, so naturally you have to expect it to be different to ones you might buy in Little India (of course if you want the best curry puffs go there!). Its made with puff pastry and it has a slight buttery taste to it though I'm not too impressed with the amount of grease in it! You can also include curry puffs in your 4 pieces for $3...Which is what we did.

Price: 1 for 80c or 4 for $3.00. 6/10

Conclusion - It's a good little place to go and have a look at before or after you've had your actual meal at Divine Family Restaurant. A must try is the buns, all are nice, particularly the sausage one!

Overall Rating
Food - 7/10
Ambiance- N/A
Service - 5/10
Value - 8/10

Divine Vegetarian Family Restaurant - Hougang

First post comes from a nice little vegetarian place in Hougang. I visited this place twice last week, in order to give you a full and accurate review of the place! So here it goes!

Divine Vegetarian Family Restaurant

Location: Blk 356 Hougang Ave 7 #01-803
Contact: 64877895
Opening Hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm

I am a big fan of Fish Head or Fish Mee Hoon, and was particularly in the mood for it that day! The soup's flavour is good, however i found that the mock fish was a little soggy. I prefer it to have a firmer texture. The veggies inside had a nice crunch to them. Perfect if you add some red chillies in to give the soup that extra kick! Good meal, yet nothing too out of the ordinary compared to other fish mee hoon's i've tried.

Price: $3.00. 7/10

Crispy Noodles. Large serving portion. Plenty of noodles with countable amount of the other ingredients. Not a big fan of the mock meat as it's too soft and mushy for my liking. Noodles tasted a little bi-carby- needed lots of sauce to mask it! Overall, the dish wasn't too bad though I wouldn't be ordering it anytime soon.

Price: $3.00. 6/10

Satays! Of course everyone knows them, and everyone loves them! These satay's seemed a reasonable price ($2.00), yet there was only five pieces in total, with only three chunks on each stick. That being said, the satay's were good, chewy and had good flavour.

Price: $2.00 for 5 pieces. 7/10

Deer Meat Hotplate! How unique, and i've never tried or seen this anywhere else! Now, i have never tried real deer meat before. I found the mock deer to be too soft (mainly due to being gluten mock meat), giving it a soft rubbery texture. The saving grace however, was the lovely dark sauce that the deer meat and veggies were swimming in. It was rich and smokey (i love wok hei tasting food!), which really magnified the taste of everything it touched! Especially the baby corns. Included in the veggies were celery and sugar snap peas, two of my favourites! Overall, a pricy dish, with average quality mock meat, however the sauce just saves it.

Price: $8.00. 5/10

Conclusion - Good place to go! Check out the vegan bakery (look for my official review of it) also when you're there (it's in the same complex area). Flavours are very good from Divine Vegetarian, however i wouldn't recommend getting dishes with the mock meats...All are only average, and can be found of a much better quality elsewhere. Those just wanting to order the standard rice or bee hoon dishes have a lot of selections, i particularly recommend the thick curry (mutton?). The curry has fantastic flavour, again mock meat not to my liking. Enjoy!

Overall Rating
Food - 7/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 6/10
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