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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mai Zhi Su Vegetarian Food - Ang Mo Kio

My second Ang Mo Kio vegetarian review, this one only a 5-10 minute walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT. You want to alight at exit C (the bus interchange). After that, follow signs for the HDB Branch Office. The menu has quite pricey dishes, and some more affordable. We ordered two of the more affordable (western type) dishes, along with one of the more pricey dishes.

Mai Zhi Su Vegetarian Food
Location: Blk 128 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 St 12#01-1853
Contact: 64563307
Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays. Tuesday-Sunday 7am-9pm.

UPDATE - Stall now under the name of Zi Zai Vegetarian, as the auntie and uncle originally running decided to retire.

First dish review is of the Veg Chicken Chop, for me this was a dish with balanced pro's and con's. Firstly, as with all dishes of this ilk, the meat is the focal point of the dish, and for this dish, the meat was poor on a textural level. I liked the taste and crunch of the mock chicken, however, it was so flat! It looked like it's been under an iron for the whole morning (not very appetizing), i like my mock meats to have a good body so that you can really chew into it. Fries were good and not too over fried. Salad was nice, but i couldn't forgive this 'compressed' mock meat.

Price: $5.50. 5/10

The Spare Ribs Rice was the most disappointing dish we tried. To review mock meats, both the actual authenticity of the taste, and the visual appearance has to be taken into consideration. This was simply only a meat 'patty', which is not how it should look. They could have at least designed it into slices to add a more authentic look. Also the sauce merely had a ketchup type flavour, i'd have preferred a sauce you'd more typically expect to have with ribs. Taste of the patty was average. Again this mock meat suffered from the 'been under an iron all morning' syndrome which the previous dish also had.

Price: $4.00. 3/10

This was a lovely tasting dish. The Gung Bao Frogs Legs was beautifully caramelized, with the lovely smoked (but also at the same time sweet) flavours bouncing off your pallet! The frogs legs, perhaps lacking an authentic taste, had a satisfying crunch to them, not too overly crispy, like you'll find in other eateries. The dark sauce was addictive! And really brought out the flavour in the mushrooms and other veggies. A lot of dried red chilies are in this dish (if you like them you will enjoy this!). Very nice dish, quite pricey, but worth it.

Price: $8.00. 8/10

Conclusion - In total we paid $19.10 for these three dishes (and also one drink). Speaking comparatively i could get more food and better quality food from other places, for the same price. So in that aspect this eatery is not worth visiting. However, the frogs legs were delicious, and i'm sure a lot of the more pricey dishes are worth mentioning. However, the ribs and chicken dishes we ordered we're lacking in numerous aspects, in particular the ribs, which had below standard mock meat along with such a trite sauce, unfortunately that's what stayed in my mind when leaving this eatery. If you're going definitely go for the frogs legs! Drink Roselle juice as well (it's anti-cancer, didn't you know?)

Overall Rating

Food - 4/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service - 7/10
Value - 5/10

NOTE 29/10/09 - The Bukit Batok branch has now closed down. However, it has been replaced by Eternal Vegetarian. If you are looking to eat at Mai Zhi Su though, Ano Mo Kio is your only option. Thanks.


  1. I remembered that the bukit batok outlet is about to close soon. Any idea?

  2. Not sure about that (not had the chance to go there yet)...I'll try and find out ASAP!

  3. You should try their duck rice..that's the only thing I go there for...The 'duck meat' is made from mushroom stalks to give it that chewy texture..
    I hope the food quality didn't drop...it's been 7months since I last went there.


  4. Yeah i love mushroom meat! Definitely the best substance for mock!

    Thanks XY!

  5. To reply to the first comment...The Bukit Batok Mai Zhi Su has indeed closed down. However, it has been immediately replaced by Eternal Vegetarian (very nice place!)...I will be reviewing it in the upcoming days!

  6. I used to patronise this AMK for years but I gave up after a while, cos the price is getting crazily higher n higher. The owners (husband n wife) are stingy with their ingredients, n when u requested for anything like more soup or chilli, they will give u a dirty look even when u r a regular. We have given them many chances, but they never change. We r boycotted them forever.

    1. Hey anonymous,

      Sorry to hear about your negative experience at this place. I've not been back to this place in many years, so it is a shame to hear that the standard has dropped.


  7. The AMK outlet has closed down. It is currently replaced by another vegetarian stall called Zi Zai Zhai. Nevertheless, the menu remains the same. Think they added a few more dishes and removed some of the old ones but its pretty much the same.

    1. Yes that's right. The aunties and uncle of this stall decided to retire. Handed over to Zi Zai to keeping it going!



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